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Disney might be known as the biggest name in entertainment, but even some of the studio’s longtime fans can forget just how long Disney has been around. The cartoons, movies, and theme parks have been around for decades, and many fans who grew up in the heyday of Walt Disney and his magical world have longed for a chance to see it all again for the very first time. Thanks to a TikTok user, now they can.


A random 8mm film reel I bought from eBay turned out to be a family trip to Disneyland in 1965. #vintage #vintagevibes #foundfilm #fyp #nostalgia #1965 #disneyland #disney #1960s #california

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In their video above, @shirleygardens on TikTok shares a scanned 8mm film reel that reveals a gorgeous look at Disneyland in 1965. With the company celebrating its 100 Years of Wonder this year, it’s incredible to see just how far the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Parks have come. The footage is 58 years old, but it’s so remarkable to see what has changed and what has remained the same.

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The video points out just a few highlights from the Disneyland of yesteryear, but some classic experiences are still alive and well in the Parks today. The monorail is still running, as are the Main Street Vehichles (represented by the horse-drawn trolley), and even the trams to the parking lots haven’t changed all that much in nearly three decades.

Submarine Voyage with the Disneyland Monorail above and Matterhorn in background
Credit: Disney

That being said, the footage is also a testament to just how much the Disney Parks have advanced in terms of technology and design. Tomorrowland definitely looks like what a 1965 version of the future would be, and there are a lot more metallic structures scattered throughout what we see of the Park. However, there’s still no mistaking that it is indeed the Disneyland Guests can visit today.

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So many fans want a taste of the original Disney magic that flooded from the Parks way back when, but they can’t say Disney hasn’t improved since Walt’s day. Keep in mind, Disneyland itself had only been open for ten years at this point. Many of the attractions and rides were still incredibly advanced for the time, and some still maintain their vintage quality. One thing that hasn’t changed in the 58 years since this footage was recorded is how much joy Disney has brought to its Guests with just one day at the Happiest Place On Earth.

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