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Genie+, Lightning Lanes, and virtual queues have been a persistent issue for many Disney Park Guests, and many are still trying to find their way around Disney’s implemented paywall. However, one of the biggest answers to the problem might be simpler than most might suspect. All it takes is a simple hotel reservation.

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Since the early days of Disneyland, Guests have been trying to find the most efficient ways to make their wait times more manageable. Genie+ hasn’t made things easy, but there might be a very easy way to avoid paying $15-$25 for access to some of Disney’s most popular attractions. As with most things, sometimes the simplest answer is the best.

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On busy days, sometimes it feels like giving into the urge to buy a Lightning Lane pass through Genie+ is the only option if Guests want to ride their favorite rides. However, fans who have stayed at a Disney Park hotel are given a major perk just for staying on Disney Property. Two words, early entry.

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Guests staying at a Disney Resort Hotel are given complementary early access to many of the Parks best rides, attractions, and experiences. Thirty minutes early access might not sound like a game changer, but it can definitely be a major boost to anyone’s day at Disney.

This writer can personally vouch for the benefits of early access, and wait times during Park operations at this hour were not only manageable, but nearly nonexistent. Rope dropping paired with the early entry offered at the Walt Disney World Resort made for an ideal way to experience all of the best rides with minimal fuss. No Genie+ needed.

Even though strives have been made to make the program more appealing to Guests, such as the recent PhotoPass pairing, it seems like there are more ways around it than Disney lets on. This might be foreshadowing that Genie+’s days could be numbered, which means good news for Guests.

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All that being said, Genie+ is going to be a prominent fixture for a long time. Additionally, Park conditions are subject to change due to weather, crowds, time of day, and other factors. What works for one Guest or party of Guests won’t always work for others. However, staying on Park property has more benefits than just the early entry.

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There are more than a few ways to get the most of your Disney trip without even logging into Genie+, and sometimes the best plan is no plan at all. Early entry, jumping on the virtual queue, and utilizing the single-rider lane can greatly benefit any visit and reduce overall wait time. Either way, it’s only a small sampling of perks that comes with visiting a Disney resort.

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