Disney Is Deceiving You! Parks Trick Guests Onto Attractions

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If there’s one thing Walt Disney World has over its competition, it’s how they handle their crowds. While the signs might read over 60-minute wait times, the company knows how to manage the flow of their rides. That all being said, it might not be all magic and Mickey bars, as the Parks are openly roping Guests into “people-eater” attractions.

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The Disney Parks host some of the most incredible ride experiences in the theme park industry. However, the wait times for said attractions can be unyieldingly brutal. Many rides, such as Rise of the Resistance at Galaxy’s Edge, can have lines spanning nearly all the way out of the designated ride area with hours-long wait times.

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Does this scenario sound familiar? You arrive at your Park of choice and go to your first attraction only to discover that the wait time is over an hour long. So, you decide to visit another attraction to wait it out until there’s a lull in the crowd.

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Naturally, you’re more than likely to select something with a short wait-time that caters too a large quantity of eager riders. Rides like Soarin, the Peoplemover, and Pirates of the Caribbean are popular attractions, but their wait times are almost consistently manageable. Why? Because Guests are so easily sucked in.

Dubbed “People-Eaters” by fans, these are rides that are practically built to get Guests off the streets. Inside the Magic has briefly covered this idea before, but it seems to be something that could see potential growth in Disney’s future. Especially if crowds keep rising the way they are.

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Think about the use of walkthrough attractions like the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse or One Man’s Dream. They’re not exactly thrilling, but they continuously have a steady stream of visitors. They offer a simple distraction, but they offer it long enough to pull Guests out of the way.

The same thing can be said for some of Disney’s bigger rides like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Expedition Everest. Both of these rides are popular roller coasters, often with long wait times. However, their queues are loaded with interactive features and theming designed to pull Guests into Disney’s masterfully creative worlds.

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Even things like the beloved Disney Meet and Greets can fall into this category, especially if they’re in their own venues and open longer than those scattered in the outdoor areas of the Parks. What better way to draw families with small children away from the larger attractions than a hug from Mickey, right?

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Disney has always been about immersion, but that concept goes way farther than even some longtime fans and Disney Passholders might know. The Disney Parks are keeping Guests off the streets by implementing more and more attractions that aren’t even worth the use of a Lightning Lane. If it works, it works.

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