Disney Fans Are Going “Beyond the Parks” at Walt Disney World

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Monorail at EPCOT

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If you were to ask any typical Guest, “why do you go to Disney World?” The answer would likely be “to go to the Parks.” That’s by no means a wrong answer, but what happens when Guests have had their fill of rides, rollercoasters, and the rat race to get into the Magic Kingdom?

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It’s common knowledge that the primary and most famous features of the Disney Parks are the rides and attractions. From the spires of Cinderella Castle to the murky waters of Pirates of the Caribbean, there is quite literally something for every breed of audience member. However, the Disney Parks, especially the Walt Disney World Resort, offers way more than that.

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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld asked how a Guest can see Disney “beyond the Parks.” u/RenScout asked fellow Disney fans how they experienced all the bells and whistles Disney had offer, other than the theme parks. The user isn’t the only Disney buff looking for new flavors of magic, and the fanbase definitely answered the call when the question was posed.

u/ClaimOkay8737 offers a variety of options for Guests wanting to go beyond the standard Park days when they highly recommend visiting EPCOT for the food and drinks of the famous World Showcase. They also suggest visiting Fort Wilderness for its rustic atmosphere, dining options, and horseback riding.

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A common theme on the thread is the Resort-Hopping trend. Inside the Magic has spoke on this before, but u/Sparky984 shares a highlight of their experience when they write,

Go to the Polynesian and stop by Trader Sam’s for a drink. It’s tiki drinks and if you get on the list early enough (which is earlier than you’d think) you may get inside otherwise the patio is fun too and they have live music sometimes.. The Polynesian with their tiki torches are great to walk through in the evening.

The user also recommends an easily-overlooked picnic opportunity on Tom Sawyer’s Island when they add,

If you’re going to [Tom Sawyer’s Island], see if you can pack a lunch or find something easily portable/to-go. They have shaded tables in an area almost always abandoned. It’s a quiet spot in the chaos and you can see any parades that run though Frontierland during your lunch.

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Those are all exceptional ideas for fans looking to experience something apart from riding the rides and mulling through crowds, but another common consensus amongst fans seems to be the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. u/NikkiKay_17, u/pgh_Mark, and u/MisterEHistory all highly recommend it, but u/Patient-Still-9764 describes it best in their reply.

“It sounds like you would like the “Keys to the Kingdom” tour. The perfect thing to do without kids since it’s for age 16+. It’s a 5 hour group tour with a guide who will give you tons of behind the magic details, including a visit to the underground Utilidor. We did it years ago and still talk about it.”

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The rides and attractions are still the main reason for buying your ticket, but you don’t have to step into the Parks to have a good time. From behind the scenes tours to tiki bars and nature trails, there are multiple ways for Guests to go beyond the standard experience; and these comments are just the tip of the Mickey-shaped iceberg.

How do you go beyond the Parks? Tell us at Inside the Magic in the comments below!

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