Born To Be Mild, Fans Love Disney’s Lack of Thrills

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A doll in a red German style dress on "It's a small world," a classic Disney ride

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In the vast realms of the theme park industry, some rides and attractions scream the name “Disney.” From the summit of Space Mountain to the murky waters of Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney has created unforgettable experiences. However, not many rides under Disney’s Mickey-shaped mitts have a true sense of thrill, and that’s okay.

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Rides like Expedition Everest, Cosmic Rewind, and the recently closed Rockin’ Rollercoaster are definitely thrill rides, but the major flavor of Walt Disney World’s collection of rides and attractions is generally more of a mild one. That being said, many Guests claim it’s all part of Disney’s appeal.

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Fans have been talking on both sides of the fence, with some wanting a more thrilling Disney Park and some defending their cherished rides from childhood, but there have been plenty sharing their adoration for Disney’s more family-friendly rides. After all, Walt’s mission when he was constructing Disneyland was to create a place where Guests and audiences of all ages could find something to enjoy.

A large portion of Disney’s fanbase has a special place in their hearts for Walt Disney World’s classic attractions, and a recent Reddit post gave them the opportunity to express their adoration.

Peter Pan's Flight
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u/johnnyringo117 shares their feelings toward Peter Pan’s flight when the write,

“I’m 62 and started going to Disney World when I was 15. I ride Pan every time I’m in Kingdom. It’s fun, calm, well-paced and for me, simply has no negative connotations. It’s a story book tale come to life. I love it.”

Peter Pan’s Flight is only one of the many dark rides at the Magic Kingdom, and it’s certainly not the only one with a fan following. One surprising addition to the discussion is the often-full and often-criticized Na’vi River Journey at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Na'vi River Journey
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u/EatAllTheHoomans writes,

“I love Na’vi River Journey, it’s like a break from sensory overload for me. Chill boat ride, dim lighting and pretty colors, calming music.”

winnie the pooh
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Additionally, there’s also a vocal group of fans rooting for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, as it seems to be a childhood favorite for many longtime Disney goers.

u/Elmer701 posts,

“Winnie the Pooh is the best! The part where you bounce like Tigger makes me giggle like a little kid.”

And u/eugenesnewdream adds a more personal anecdote when they reply,

“I enjoyed that too! I had never been on it and really never even heard anyone talk about but I dragged my family on it when we went last year, just expecting a lame kids’ ride, but I rather enjoyed it. More than my kids did!”

A family riding Dumbo the Flying Elephant at the Magic Kingdom.
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There are several more similar frames of mind regarding rides and attractions like like “its a small world,” Mickey’s Philharmagic, and especially Dumbo the Flying Elephant, but u/chrisak says it best when they write,

“I genuinely enjoy all of the rides at Disney including the slow/dark rides with no height requirement that would maybe qualify as kiddie rides. Nemo is great, Little Mermaid comes to mind, Three Caballeros, even Dumbo occasionally. That’s what sets Disney apart… At Disney we all ride together and everyone enjoys it.”

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To say Disney isn’t without its thrills would be entirely untrue, but to say that thrill-rides are the reason to visit Walt Disney World is also something of a false statement. There are several places on Park property to get an adrenaline rush, but the main reason to visit is to give yourself over to a magical world with all of Disney’s classic characters and stories. Thrills are great, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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