“Just Enjoy Your Trip,” Say Disney Guests Amid Disney Drama

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It seems like every day Disney guests are growing more and more dissatisfied, especially in the realms of social media. News feeds continue to overflow with unhappy visitors who find hundreds and thousands of faults with the most magical places on earth. However, some fans have responded to these claims with a surprisingly and refreshingly unconcerned attitude.  In a time where Disney is being picked apart left and right, many are taking a “just do it” attitude.

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Recently, fans went to great detail in explaining how social media posts are hurting Disney’s reputation, but many also shared a hopeful optimism with the advice to simply just enjoy the trip. A perfectly logical sentiment, but does it have merit? Many Redditors seem to think so, and Disney fans have never been shy about sharing their opinions.

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u/justplainchy shares their account of their most recent trip to the Parks when they write,

“I genuinely expected to have a bad time based on the number of complaints I was reading and so much discussion of how “the magic is gone”. We had a wonderful time. Cast members were great, rides were great, food was great — the one thing I did notice that had changed? Guest behavior. We saw more entitled people who yelled at CMs, just plain ignored their directions or blatantly ignored common courtesy. No wonder cast members come across as rude…”

But the user says all that needs to be said when they add,

“People love to complain, but Disney is still great and the magic is honestly what you make it!”

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u/bigkbull also adds a useful sentiment in the later portion of their reply when they say,

“Remember that a shut down ride will not run your entire vacation. Social media has made so many people think that they have to experience every single thing there is to offer and if you miss anything then it was a total waste of money.”

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As strange as it might sound, it might be the case that sometimes the best plan for a trip to the Disney Parks is to have no plan at all. Depending on one’s party size, that might be the best option for them. There’s no sense in complicating things when a Guest can simply pack their travel bag full of a few essentials and walk right down the middle of Main Street USA. In short, sometimes the best option is not to overthink it.

Do these Guests have the right idea? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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