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Goofy with Disney Adults

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Yesterday, images from Mickey’s Toontown renovations showed the controversial removal of Roger Rabbit’s fountain started circulating on social media, much to the chagrin of Disney Park fans. However, what was thought to be an exercise in crowd control has since backfired as Guests have surprisingly made better use of the astroturfed space. To say that many fans were surprised would be something of an understatement.

At first, the removal of the Roger Rabbit fountain from Mickey’s Toontown was something of an unfavorable decision. Many Disney fans thought this was done to the detriment of the area’s atmosphere, and others thought it was intentionally meant as seating removal for tired visitors. However, recent posts on social media have shown that dozens of Disneyland guests have been utilizing the space more than originally thought. As demonstrated in the footage from @brianrobclark’s Twitter feed, the space is now catering to more Guests than the former fountain. As the user says, it’s reassuring to see Park Guests treat the area like a literal park.

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Of course, @brianrobclark isn’t the only one to share this point of view, and many other fans are calling for Disney to include similar areas at the company’s other Parks. Many are calling it a great place to watch the fireworks, a soft spot to catch a little RnR while trekking through the Park. However, one user brings up a rather interesting idea.

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@pieps86 replies,

“This is so good. I’d love to see some “hub grass” in the jumping fountains area at Epcot. Free of heavy foot traffic, and plenty of space for people to relax.”

Hub areas are a great place for Guests to get some space, and many were likely surprised a patch of astroturf could be so popular, we certainly are. The removal of the fountain might not have been as scandalous as originally thought, but this also might open the door for Disney to take similar measures elsewhere to better suit their Guests. It likely wasn’t the crowd control option many were expecting, but the relaxing area does help clear paths up while giving visitors a spot to catch their breath.

Do you think this was a good idea on Disney’s part, and was it intentional? Tell us in the comments below!



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