Groundbreaking Pixar Project Receives Big Update

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This Pixar project will be something to see!

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Up (2009) features one of the most cinematic and emotional openings of any Pixar film. With very few words spoken at all, audiences witness the entire married life of Carl (Ed Asner) and Ellie (Elie Docter), from marriage, through the ups and downs of life, to not being able to have children, to the latter’s eventual death, leaving Carl (Asner) all alone. The heart-wrenching opening has cemented Up as a classic for Disney/Pixar fans.

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Having been released in 2009, it was a surprise for fans to see that the studio was reviving the film for a limited series on Disney+. Dug Days was a touching, simple, and evocative series, showing the day-to-day activities that Dug (Bob Peterson) and Carl (Asner) get up to. The series was able to recapture that original sentiment and feeling of Up while providing something new and refreshing. That wasn’t all Dug Days contributed to the Pixar story, though…

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The project was put together during the mass shutdowns that occurred as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the 100 animators were obliged to do something that was really unprecedented in Pixar Animation Studios: They animated remotely. Much of the animation for Dug Days was even done in the animator’s homes! The voice talent undertook a similar herculean effort of recording their dialogue independently and remotely as well.

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The wholesome shorts were a touching tribute to the late Ed Asner, who did his recordings shortly before his death in 2021. It’s precisely for that reason that audiences were a bit surprised when it was announced back in December that there would be another episode of Dug Days entitled Carl’s Date. Audiences were still left in the dark as to when they could see it until now!

Carl and Dug in 'Dug Days'
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According to a release reported by What’s on Disney Plus, the next installment of Dug Days will be hitting Disney+ just in time for Valentine’s Day, on February 10, 2023. The new short will follow Carl Fredricksen (Asner) as he goes on his first date since the passing of his wife. Audiences will undoubtedly see a good-natured Dug (Peterson) doing the best he can to help as Carl (Asner) takes his tentative steps into romance.

Dug in 'Dug Days'
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Until then, audiences can stream all five short episodes of Dug Days on Disney+ and see the wholesome adventures that Dug (Peterson), Carl (Asner), and their friends get up to as part of life in the suburbs.

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