TRON Coaster Gets Game-Changing Addition Pre-Opening

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TRON Lightcycle / Run Sign

Credit: Disney

As fans are eagerly awaiting the opening of TRON Light Cycle/Run at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the company made the recent announcement that the neon-lit rollercoaster wouldn’t feature the standard line queue that other attractions have used for years, but something far more appropriate for a trip into the game grid.

Tron Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai
Credit: Disney

Launching on April 4, 2023, Disney guests will have the opportunity to sign in to an entirely virtual queue to reserve their spot aboard this massive coaster. While the use of a virtual queue paired with the standard line is still something of a novelty, the utilization of a strictly virtual reservation system is something Disney hasn’t utilized as often as it should. As of now, virtual queues are on something of an as-needed basis as some rides grow more popular than others, but the idea of a This could be a major step forward in cutting down on white times and massive lines spanning the diameter of the Park.

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Some Guests might already be scratching their heads or uttering grunts of frustration as the idea of a virtual queue might be somewhat intimidating, especially given the history of the dodgy reservation system. However, this also feels entirely on-brand for something inspired by Tron. 

Tron at Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

How else would Disney Park Guests visit the virtual world of Users and Programs than by literally signing in via a virtual platform. It might not be as cool as the digitization laser that transported Kevin Flynn into the virtual world back in the ’80s, but it does fit the same idea in a sense.

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It’s handled the right way, this application of virtual cue technology could be a massively progressive step for the Disney parks. It’s not going to be an overnight sensation, not by a long shot, but it might be the first step to a world where extraneous theme park lines are a thing of the past. If Disney truly wants to improve the overall guest experience, this might not be such a bad idea. Hopefully, the virtual queue is more user-friendly than the evil MCP.

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