Disney Ignores Massive Issues With Beloved Figment Character

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In honor of this year’s EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, Disney has gone all out to promote that fan-favorite purple dragon, Figment. As the unofficial mascot for EPCOT, figment has been beloved by millions for decades. However, while Disney has given him some nice perks this year, his beloved attraction goes untouched and falls into disrepair.

While the media presented in the tweet above does show some new additions to the Imagination Institute, @SuperWeenieHtJr openly calls out Disney for doing everything they can to promote Figment except repairing his ride. Multiple Guests have expressed their concerns for the condition of Journey Into Imagination with Figment, so why hasn’t Disney done anything to restore the attraction in time for the arts festival?

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Considering how much of a centerpiece Figment has become, it seems logical that the company would want to have his titular attraction looking bigger and better than ever.

Credit: Disney

On one hand, restoring the ride would be the perfect way to honor the character amidst the other add-ons Disney has given him this year. After all, a popcorn bucket will only go so far. However, closing down his attraction might arguably do more harm than good. While the shared tweet is mostly done in jest, it does bring up a misstep on Disney’s part. Why celebrate a Park icon if his attraction continues to remain in need of repair?

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The sad truth of the matter is that this might just be another entry on the laundry list of attractions that need more than a little TLC. With rides like the Walt Disney World Railroad getting its long-awaited refurb and Splash Mountain getting a completely new design and re-theme, what’s stopping Disney from giving that same amount of attention to this fan favorite attraction? Updated murals and pin tables are fun, but their novelty will soon be short-lived. If the fans are taking notice and posting reactions like this, it should be a big warning shot to Disney if they want Figment to keep his impressive fanbase.

What do you think, should Figment be next on the refurbishment list? Tell us in the comments below!

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