Disney Guests Were Surprised That a “Broken” Attraction Was Actually Working

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Temple of Mara (exterior) from Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland in Adventureland

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Indiana Jones Adventure attraction has been a sore subject for many Disneyland fans over the years. With the constant ride breakdowns and evacuations, temporary closures, and refurbishments, many are losing hope in the once-popular attraction.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
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However, despite all the numerous breakdowns that this attraction is quite well known for at Disneyland, one Reddit user decided to share a positive aspect about the ride.

Reddit user IamMagicarpe shared some good news about Indiana Jones Adventure – the fan-favorite boulder effect was actually functional at Disneyland:

So I was at the parks yesterday and… the boulder was in full effect. I couldn’t believe it. Haven’t seen anyone post about it, so I figured I’d let you all know that it looks like it’s working, at least for the time being.

Indiana Jones Adventure sign Disneyland
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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A former Cast Member with the username snailfeet22 joined the thread, explaining why the boulder is “broken” sometimes:

former Indy CM- the boulder isnt usually like, fully broken. it works based on timing of the cars before you, and since the station is usually backed up, the boulder doesnt have time to reset between cars and doesnt trigger.

if the boulder works for you, that means the car before you left for the station in good time. we always used to tell people that the boulder works like 50% of the time on its best days lol. but its usually less because we stuff the track full of cars.

keep in mind i quit like a year ago and there ARE times where its fully broken but that was pretty rare when i was there.

Credit: Disney

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beastman_robert, another commenter, discussed the mechanics of the boulder effect:

Works sometimes but not others. My understanding is that it’s a timing issue, with the machinery being unable to reset fully in the time between ride vehicles. It loses a bit of ground each time a vehicle comes through until it finally gets enough out of sync that it no longer triggers anymore until somebody resets the system. I’ve also heard that there is a similar more subtle timing problem with the cannon recoil mechanism on ROTR, except in that case a safety sensor can actually trigger a full ride shutdown when they get too out of sync and might hit the ride vehicle.

Indiana jones adventure disneyland
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Another Reddit user, koreanz, shared an experience with the ride, as well as a bonus joke from a skipper from the nearby Jungle Cruise attraction:

My daughter’s run it didn’t work. We went after stroller swap and it worked.

Our jungle skipper called it “The temple of the broken ride” and we were busting up

Indiana Jones
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Other commenters expressed mixed reactions to this news. Some weren’t surprised, as the ride and boulder were functional for them when they had ridden the attraction recently. However, others were somewhat shocked, as the boulder had not worked when they rode the ride, or the ride had gotten stuck for a bit while they were on it. A few noted that stopped rides were getting more frequent later last year. Others were hoping the attraction could get the maintenance it so desperately needs.

For those planning to visit the Disneyland Resort soon and ride the Indiana Jones attraction, you may be disappointed, not because the ride broke down, but because it will be getting refurbished from January 9, 2023, until spring 2023, per Disneyland.

Have you been on the Indiana Jones attraction lately? Were the boulder effect and the ride itself working?

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