Disney Fans Finally Settle Age-Old Debate

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One of the unsung heroes of the Walt Disney World resort has to be Disney Springs. Considering many Guests utilize their first day on Park property just getting settled in, it’s a logical first stop during their magical vacation and chances are they likely brought their appetites with them after a long flight. Kicking off your stay at Disney with a good meal at the Springs is a great way to start things up on the right foot the only question is, “where are we going for dinner?”

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The age-old debate of deciding where to eat is a tale as old as time, and to say Disney Springs does it have a bevy of marvelous options would be something of a glorious understatement. From burgers and fries to Asian street food, variety is indeed the spice of life at the springs. However, sometimes deciding on a restaurant can result in many of family feud. Fortunately, Disney fans have been quick to settle the debate with their discussions on panels and forms. The Walt Disney World Reddit page has more than a few recommendations for fans looking to grab a bite before taking on the Parks.

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Kicking things off with a favorite amongst many Disney Springs visitors, many Guests highly recommend Raglan Road as a great spot for dinner. Not only does the Irish pub come with a marvelous menu, but it’s a great venue for some live entertainment as well. Guests can always find a hot meal, live music, and even their famous dancers taking the center stage. u/GSDFanatic and u/Independent_Fun_3799, agree that the pub is a great place for a bite, but u/Telkorenar cuts right to the main reason for going when they write,

“I love raglan road. Shepherd’s pie is amazing, and always nice if you get a good view of the dancers.”

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Of course, if Guests aren’t looking to gorge themselves on pub grub, there are still plenty of places to satisfy their tastebuds. If they’re looking for something more exotic, Disney Springs offers a variety of restaurants known for their international cuisine. Jaleo by José Andrés comes with more than a few positive reviews, and those with an appetite for hispanic food will love this flavorful alternative to the popular tacos and nachos from similar options. u/olympicmarcus adds their positive review by writing,

“It seemed to be great value for us too due to the plates we chose. The pan con tomate and bravas were better than anything I’ve had in the many months I’ve spent in Spain.”

Similarly, Morimoto also comes with repeat customers and tons of comments sharing how incredible the food is. Several users have commented on how wide their menu is and how often they go, but u/djkmart offers a point of view not many likely consider, as not everyone is craving the regular meat and veggie entree options.

“Both myself and the missus are plant-based, and Morimoto scratches that ‘fear of missing out’ itch. We got a last-minute cancellation on the last day of our trip last year, and I couldn’t have been happier.”

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Exotic meals are certainly a reason to expand one’s flavor palate, but there’s also nothing wrong with seeking out some satisfying comfort food. Art Smith’s Homecomin’ and Chicken Guy are both two popular destinations for fried chicken and Mac and Cheese, but there’s also nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned barbecue. According to several commenters, there’s no better place for that than the Polite Pig.

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Multiple Guests leave a trail of comments praising the Polite Pig, but u/bigkbull adds a loving sentiment when they add their two cents into the conversation.

“My wife and I eat there every visit. We say we need to try something else but we always go to polite pig. If we eat a second time at DS on a trip there’s a 50% chance we end up at Polite Pig again.”

There’s definitely a certain degree of consistency when it comes to favorite Disney Springs eateries, but that doesn’t mean visitors aren’t free to experiment. The springs are also home to food trucks, quick service restaurants, and other hidden gems scattered throughout the property. To say that they will have a bad meal is more or less unlikely.

What’s your favorite Disney Springs restaurant? Tell us in the comments below!

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