Adult Attraction Gets Kids Club From Disney

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Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, formally Pleasure Island, has a history of being where grown-ups play on their Disney vacation. It’s a place for food, shopping, nightlife, live entertainment, and other such fixtures adults might not find at places like the Magic Kingdom. However, the introduction of a “kids club” might be counterproductive to the prime directive of Disney Springs’ original design and intent.

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Some casual fans might be wondering why an adult-focused area would even be such a big deal at Walt Disney World, a place dedicated to kids and families, but the inclusion of a kids club in Disney Springs might be considered somewhat pointless in the eyes of dedicated Disney Guests. It’s great to get time with the family and enjoy the magic of Disney together at any of the various Parks that make up WDW, but sometimes the grownups need a little time to have their own fun. Is including something like this really keeping in the spirit of the Springs?

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Disney describes the upcoming events in their Park blog by stating,

“Disney Springs Kids Club kicks off this Saturday, January 28, and is a brand-new entertainment offering designed for the whole family to enjoy together. It will take place at Waterview Park every Saturday morning starting at 10:30 a.m…. These unique, family-friendly acts will vary each week, and new entertainment will frequently be added to the lineup.”

Disney Springs

On paper, this doesn’t sound particularly out of character for Disney or the Springs. Disney is no stranger to having live entertainment scattered throughout its Parks, and Disney Springs typically offers some of the best. Additionally, it’s not as if any of its regular elements are anything inappropriate for kids. That being said, for something marketed more towards adult audiences, it might come off as a touch hypocritical.

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Disney will always be one of the most family friendly places on the planet, but there are just as many adults who enjoy its magic as there are kids. In an area dedicated to shopping, drinking, and other regular adult activities, is there really any harm in an all-inclusive activity on the weekend? Some might take issue, but others might see this as an opportunity for even more Guests to enjoy what Disney Springs has to offer.

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