‘Yoda’ Series Reveals Disturbing Image Ahead of Release

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Frank Oz as Yoda in 'Revenge of the Sith'

Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars has a lot of different content in the works, but no one was prepared for a variant cover for Yoda’s next issue to include a disturbing picture of a baby.

Grogu sitting on a rock
Credit: Lucasfilm

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In the galaxy, there are thousands, if not millions, of alien species, and Star Wars has some weird-looking creatures. When David López drew the variant for Yoda #5, no one probably batted an eye, but fans can’t tell right away what species the baby is, and some are worried it might be Yoda’s.

Grogu was an adorable little angel when he first appeared in The Mandalorian, but this creature is far from that. Most of the time, Star Wars makes babies cute, but this infant is the complete opposite. The child is disturbing, with no visible teeth and a creepy face, but Yoda looks happy to be around the baby. Here’s a look at the variant cover:

Yoda 5 variant cover art by David López

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With a Wookie holding the baby near Yoda, fans immediately began to wonder if it was a newborn of Yoda’s species:


How is this a real thing. I can’t comprehend what’s going on

Is that a newborn of Yoda’s species?

Who’s that green fella? The little one?

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If you look closely, the baby has no ears (while Yoda has two pointed ears), and the baby has three fingers just like Yoda, but the fingers are a little long, leaving the baby to probably be an infant Trandoshan, the same species as Bossk. Trandoshans love to hunt Wookies, so for the Wookie to hold a Trandoshan baby is odd.

One fan shared a similar thought:

perhaps a baby of yoda’s species but more likely a baby trandoshan since it’s being held by a wookiee, their species’ are sworn enemies so it could be a cool story about a wookiee taking in an orphaned trandoshan or something


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In the end, fans will have to wait and read Yoda #5 to figure it out.

What are your thoughts on the baby alien? Let us know what you think!

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