“He’s Not Kevin Feige,” Warner Bros. Insider Question James Gunn’s Leadership

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James Gunn walking with the Suicide Squad

Credit: Warner Bros.

Things are looking great for the new Co-CEO of DC as an insider of Warner Bros. Discovery shares that some people in the company don’t believe James Gunn has what it takes to lead DC anywhere.

Director and DC Studios boss James Gunn. Credit: @JamesGunn/ Twitter
Credit: @JamesGunn/ Twitter

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Gunn has done a lot in his career, but he will mostly be remembered for his time with DC currently and of course for creating the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. While Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023) releases in May, Gunn will be busy editing and promoting the movie while also handling the future of the DCU.

Instead of keeping the current roster of heroes, James Gunn has made it clear that some actors won’t be returning. Earlier reports state that Gunn would be doing a hard reboot and getting rid of most of the Snyderverse actors, but it’s not completely true. The CEO has confirmed that some of the reports are true and some are false but hasn’t confirmed how many actors won’t be returning to reprise their roles just yet.

Superman about to fly
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With Henry Cavill now confirmed not to return, fans are not happy with Gunn as they were made to believe that Cavill and the DCU were going in a different direction, with Superman at the forefront with a potential Man of Steel sequel. Unfortunately, Dwayne Johnson’s aspirations for what the DCU should have now led fans astray, as Gunn had no intention of including Cavill or teasing future outings with the actor as Superman.

According to the New York Post, an insider from Warner Bros. Discovery confirms that there are people inside the company starting to question Gunn’s leadership regarding how to continue the DCU. Unlike Feige, Gunn has only directed a few DC projects and has no experience leading and building a franchise yet.

Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson, L) and Hawkman (Aldis Hodge, R) face off in Black Adam (2022). Credit: Warner Bros Discovery
Credit: Warner Bros./DC

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This led the insider to share that they aren’t confident in Gunn’s ability to get any directors to join the DCU due to their drastic changes and a complete overhaul of previous projects:

“Gunn has never run anything. I wonder if big filmmakers will work for another director with zero experience guiding movies through a huge grinder of a system. He’s not Kevin Feige [of Marvel].”

Robert Pattinson as The Batman
Credit: DC/Warner Bros.

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While Gunn has not run any franchise before DC studios, his actual plan for the franchise hasn’t been shared yet. After the new year, he claims that DC will reveal their plan for the next few years. Perhaps after seeing what Gunn has planned, fans can truly know what to expect and decide how they feel about DC’s future.

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