Disney Called Out on “Ridiculous” Price Increase

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$200 to get memories that can last a lifetime might be worth the investment, but some may feel to buy one for a Disney vacation is a bit outrageous.

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Like many items in the last few years, theme parks have not been immune to the inflation bug. Gate tickets have certainly gone up in price. Despite a smaller number of visitors, the spending per person at Disney Parks in the United States increased by 17%, for example.

Under the leadership of former CEO Bob Chapek, The Walt Disney Company had figured out several different ways to increase revenues from its Theme Parks: they adjusted their pricing, promoted advance ticket sales, and offered new and elevated merchandise and food options.

In 2021, the Walt Disney World Resort debuted Genie+, effectively replacing Disney’s free FastPass program with a tiered system that offers a base level of complimentary services and paid premium access for additional benefits.  Disney Parks also increased prices for other services across the board.

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One of those services with increased pricing is Disney’s Memory Maker, a service for Disney Park Guests can use to capture their magical moments at the parks.

Some Guests feel that Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World are just getting way too expensive and are pricing them out. That is the opinion we found from one Disney Park goer earlier today on Twitter.

According to Timothy Dowling, who labels himself as a “massive” Disney Parks fan, said, “they (Disney Parks) need to make money, but this is RIDICULOUS.”  He went on to tweet:

I am a massive @DisneyParks fan and know they need to make money but this is RIDICULOUS. It used to be with an an pass or buying Max pass you also got pics. We would usually have a handful each day from the rides. Now its $200 to get the pics they take on your trip. Insane.

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It’s understandable that Guests can get frustrated with these additional price increases.

For most families, a $200 added expense on vacation seems unreasonable.

Have you noticed that your trips to Disney Parks are getting more expensive? Let us know in the comments below.


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