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  1. Penny

    Big yes on pricing me out. While I could probably afford to go, there are now so many ridiculous charges I no longer want to. The 1st one for me was having to pay for parking. As much as we spend for these hotels, paying for parking at them should be free. I haven’t looked into it, but I bet if you want to drive to a park while staying at an on-site hotel, you no longer have free parking there either.
    There are too many other places to vacation that won’t cost 1/2 as much to enjoy. As much of a Disney fan as I have always been, The magic is gone.

    1. JW

      Just got back from WDW. Have annual pases so used to get photo pass for free. Now, there are about 5 or 6 pictures from this trip I’d like to have. My options are $79 for one day of pictures or $200 for the entire trip’s pictures. Both are ridiculous options. Iger needs to make changes ASAP before too many loyal fans are turned off by Disney’s greed. When they’re in danger of losing someone who is as big of a fan as I was, they’re in trouble!!!

      1. Everyone complains but nothing ever change bc people will always go. People will always have children. They will never , ever lower prices, then what, even bigger crowds due to the lower prices.

        1. Chris

          Exactly. Move ever forward and never backward. Once there’s a change, it stays and takes an act of congress to change it. If the change is safety related, it’s even more difficult to reverse.

        2. Chris Wade

          Just siento 2 nights at Animal Mingdom Lodge. Buffet dinner for three was $172.00 at Bamo restaurante. We will never go to Walt Disney world again. $45.00 just to park for the day.

      2. Johnny boy

        They will just find someone else to replace you who will be happy to pay those prices for the experience. You can still remember how it was but there is a new generation who don’t and will just fork out what they need to. I vote that you go and find somewhere else where you will be happy for half the price. Disney used to be about family experiences but with prices, long lines, paying for another long line etc. it has just become torture. Better to find somewhere one can spend quality time with friends and family.

        1. K Mack


    2. Rroe

      When Disney started the Hotel Parking fee I said, “Enough is Enough” and vowed never to stay at a Disney resort hotel again. I now stay just outside the park minutes away from the parks and get a room twice as good as any Disney room at half the price with NO PARKING FEEES. Wake up people and smell the coffee……..Disney is screwing you all!!

      1. Jj

        Hi looking for outside hotels can u share name of this hotel?

    3. Disney has sadly lost their way for years. The last couple of years have been new highs in low. Ridiculous prices, less magic, more crowds. Even new park rides have very little wow factor. Universal and Seaworld have taken the leadership and vision that used to be a Hallmark of Disney.

  2. Stacie Carlson

    I spent $18 000 on a vacation for my family of 5, to go to Walt Disney World back in 2000.

    I cried when we left because I knew we would never get to see this wonderful place again. I am just thankful that, at one point in my life, I was able to do this for my kids.

    We have not been on a vacation since.

    If you are able to take your family on vacation, just be thankful for it. All my family has is old memories and photos.

    1. John Burkholder

      Still paying off that 18k vacay?

      1. Erminia

        It’s very sad to hear so many people voice their concern about all these rate hikes.Unfortunately, the powers that be, are not listening and don’t care because the parks are still full. Unless everyone takes steps to stay away, they won’t listen. As for the memory maker, that is a joke. Raising the price and reducing the number photographers available at key spots is a real scam. Bring your own camera or smartphone. Just looking at the last few professional photos that were taken with my grandkids makes me want to scream.

      2. Ronald

        My parents us four boys back in the 80’s if we wanted to go. Well we just left Daytona from a week of racing are go karts on the big track.my Brothers and I just laugh at them. And no. There was nothing there .we have cedar point. So we never been and never will.

    2. Chris Kinney

      Why in the world was it so expensive? Were you visiting from another country? Just curious.

    3. I totally agree Disney’s
      prices ate to high….my husband just paid almost 600.00 for 2 tickets for 1 frigging day. That is ridiculous!

    4. 18 k would have bought an incredible European vacation.
      Disney is a waste of money with its kitschy, fake Americana.

      1. John Dixon

        It’s a lot of money, but it’s a lot of park. It’s pretty crowded, but imagine how much more it would be with lower prices. I couldn’t go until I was over 30, it was a lot of money then. If you have a special needs kid or family member, save your money and don’t take them, they won’t know or appreciate it anyway, the same logic applies for children, they just won’t appreciate the expense and you end up hating Disney. Good wishes and luck.

  3. The Florida resident discount was the only way we could justify the cost. Noore discounts that I’ve noticed. A trip to Hawaii or Europe is cheaper.

  4. Scott C.

    Disney needs to return to Walt’s vision of having a park at affordable cost for all! In 1991 Disneyland fee was $32 a day, 2008 is was $120+ for 2 days –. DisneyWorld my wife and I visited 5 times between 1992 and 1999 and price jumped fir staying a week ( off property and on) between $400 to $3,500 besides visiting other parks!
    I saw Disney decline starting with Eisner as CEO and only thought was income NOT Clean entanglement – he was a backer of Pulp Fiction and miramax! Iger and Chappek we’re no better — the Vision of WHY Walt Disney opened Disneyland seemed to be lost IR the CA mindset is everyone makes $1-20M a year!! Read up Walt and his desire for kids and families to attend a park at affordable costs OR watch Disney lose out and close down in FL unless Reedy Park District privilege reinstated – (diff rant).

    1. JW

      My wife and I held annual passes for Walt Disney World for several years, but axed them years ago as they drove up prices. We happily travel elsewhere for more authentic experiences for less money.

    2. Barb

      We just returned from our last of many visits to Disney world. Ticket prices are outrageous. And unless you fork out hundreds more, you are waiting for 90+ minutes for every ride. Food choices were poor and prices high. Not like earlier trips when we felt we got our money’s worth, got to interact with lots of characters throughout the parks and really felt like we’d been to the happiest place on earth. They have destroyed Walt’s vision with their greed.

      1. Alexi

        If you’re not a local from Florida look into Busch Garden SeaWorld Universal Studios but the Disney Experience is going to quickly die with this ridiculous system that they have

      2. Wayne

        Remember a ticket book was 7 dollars. That was Disney magic . E tickets were the best .just went back 11/18/22 . $304 for two adults

  5. Dan

    I used to go every year and this year is going to be 1500 more than last I think I will be done with going to Disney because of the costs and the crowd of people that have not seen taken care by the reservation for the each park system that doesn’t control just gives Disney a number of people

    1. Josiah

      Holy run-on sentence Batman!

      1. Space_Cowboy

        Don’t get your tights in such a bundle Boy Wonder!

  6. Jim DuVall

    My wife are big Disney fans. Well, the prices have risen so much in the last few years I can no longer afford to go. To bad, I and my wife are both retired and on a fixed income.

    1. Sharon Szego

      That is very sad!! My husband and I are also retired and have found going to Disney so expensive and we have annual passes that are outrageous in price. They have made the most magical place on earth a very sad place

  7. Dmarie Metzinger

    When we went in 2015, there were 3 of us and we stayed at Port Orleans. We had the dining plan and the memory maker. For 8 days it came to $3998.00. Airfare and car included. When we came back in 2018, there were 4 of us. We stayed in the All Stars. We had the dining plan and the memory maker. For 8 days with airfare and car it came to $7892.00.

  8. Teralyn

    The CEO talked in the 50th anniversary about how Disney parks were an essential part of childhood. Seems to me that it’s only essential to the people who matter to him: the elite. It used to be that poor people couldn’t go: now middle class people can’t even go. They don’t care.

    They have a moral duty to build more parks to cut down on crowds and cost.

    I believe Walt’s dream is enduring and it will outlive the greed we’re seeing now. I just don’t know if it will happen in my lifetime.

  9. Teri

    Of course. How else do you cover the endless ridiculous purchases? $70B for Fox. $900M for the remaining shares of the streaming technology, they are losing money on. By all means, take it out on the Park guests.

  10. Teri

    How else do you pay for Fox (20th Century/Search Light $70B) and the remaining shares of the streaming technology used for their streaming channels that are not making money? You raise the cost to go to the parks. That is where the money comes from and people pay their years savings for what has become a mediocre experience. Shame on them.

    1. Jeffrey Wolfe

      Not true Disney plus is also increasing. Which I don’t mind at all because I have Hulu Live Disney Plus and ESPN all in one bundle. My original coast for all that was 69.99 per month now I’ll be paying 74.99 per month which is fine by me I wouldn’t get rid of Disney even if someone afford me free tv for a year because nobody else has or can get Disney plus.

  11. sundogg

    It has become very obvious how the Disney park execs feel about their customers with such comments about the reduced portion sizes and how Disney guests could stand to have smaller portions (I’m paraphrasing). How they’ve raised prices on virtually everything and started charging for things that used to be free that made guests feel welcome and special. Contrary to what many people have said, the ‘Magic” isn’t gone, it has just been sold to the highest bidders. I am a Disney shareholder and I am disgusted and embarrassed by what Disney has become.

  12. Pete

    Chapek bled nearly all of the goodwill Disney built up since Walt himself started the company. Iger started alot of the problems, but Chapek’s the one who bled parks and mech to keep D+ afloat. By taking P&L from each business unit and centralizing it, he could hide D+’s financial shortcomings under the parks. His “data driven” mindset didn’t even consider the long term loss of good will and future generational customers who would be lost. Heck, his numbers never got past the current quarter P&L. Disney isn’t the type of company he ever should have been involved in, let alone the CEO. Iger’s got a mess that he may not be able to to clean up. 2 years is just long enough to keep things afloat and maybe look like something is going to change, but his replacement is going to have a monster of a job to do.

  13. Birdie

    It’s really sad what they have done to Disney, I’m sure Walt wouldn’t be happy. You need a second mortgage to go to the Happiest Place On Earth or what used to be.

  14. Robert

    Duck Fisney!

  15. Claudia Tighe

    I have been coming to WDW since the price of admission was 3.50. Plus a small charge for a ticket book.
    I have watched prices increase for both tickets, passes and hotels. I have been a CM after I retired and still prices go up. I’m now on a fixed income and can no longer afford to go to WDW .Very sad!

  16. Alexi

    I just went to Disney World Orlando to take my 4 year old for his birthday and this fast pass that they have now with a time schedule is ridiculous you waste time on your phone trying to figure it out then you can only pick one ride and until you don’t pass that ride you can’t pick nothing else so you’re rush to go on the phone again ordering food for us took more than an hour and a half close to 2 hours just to get our food through the app because they were backed up maybe Disney needs to build another Walt Disney World Park nearby to accommodate for the people instead of price gouging I feel the magical Disney Experience has passed away there’s no magic anymore it’s just overpriced overpopulated and there’s really no magical feeling except the stress and frustration

    1. Josiah

      Holy run-on sentence Batman!

      1. Marc


  17. Alexi

    If you’re not a local from Florida look into Busch Garden SeaWorld Universal Studios but the Disney Experience is going to quickly die with this ridiculous system that they have

  18. Don

    The solution is easy to all the price hikes. Don’t go to Disney parks. It is exactly why the prices are so high. They don’t want you there. So boycott the parks. The price is truly no worth it. Let the parks go empty. I mean empty. A few months without guests and see what happens to the prices. We have the money we have the power.
    A Disney vacation is just not worth it. So tell them with you pocket book. It’s the only way they will listen.

  19. Mark

    Disney, to me, has lost much of its magic. Annual passes are outrageous in price with added blackout dates. Cost of food and merch is up with less quality. Cast members have become disgruntled employees in some areas. (That seems to be changing at the resorts as they are more friendly again.) I use my DVC points to stay on property but chose to go to Universal and Sea World over Disney parks. We still go on DCL cruises too. But they lost me as a park goer.
    I hope things get back to the magic it once was instead of the woke direction and price gouging it is today. It’s sad as we brought our kids and now grandkids, but no more.

  20. Austin Whitley

    Disney is going down hill on every single factor of their business from Movies to Disney Plus to Parks. It just isn’t working anymore and sadly not everyone will get to go anymore.

  21. CH

    I live an hour away from Disney. I remember when they had the book of tickets for $7. Like anything else you add more rides, amenities the cost goes up. It has gotten to the point where the people that live here can no longer afford to enjoy what is in their backyard. They cater to the tourists with expendable money. It is definitely a tourist trap.

  22. CH

    Nothing but a tourist trap

  23. Jeffrey L Wolfe

    Hi my name is Jeff

    I don’t know why any of you are complaining I mean really. First of all Disney bought a major company for 1.56 billion dollars. What do you all think that because there a malti billion dollar company that they should keep there prices the same? I wouldn’t I would expect everything they own to go up. Plus if you can afford to go to Disney Land or Disney World or a Disney Cruise then obviously your not exactly hurting for money. So why complain about a 200 dollar increase I mean really WOW YOU ALL SOUND VERY CHILDISH!!!!

  24. Patty

    For many years our family talked about taking a trip rather than doing birthday and Christmas gifts. After all the pandemic craziness I decided to make it happen. The kids (21 and 23) wanted to experience Disney as adults. We used points for an off-campus hotel, which is a help, but between the flights and park fees — and all the BS of having to use apps to try and get on rides (for parks you already paid $200pp to get into) — I have been anxious about this trip for months. But think this will be our last visit. Very sad.

  25. Paul

    Never buy anything disney! It’s an unethical crappy company from top to bottom.

  26. Dan

    What about the added price of parking your car. Disney is out of control!!

  27. Sara

    Having to pay an adult meal price for my tiny 10 yr old daughter at one of the fixed price dining experiences was a total sticker shock! Although we enjoyed it, we won’t be eating at any of th hose places again due to wasted cost. Bummer because that would include most of the character dining.

  28. Kristina

    If Disney would stop trying to be WOKE and focused on the average family I bet they’d make more money and not have to gouge out so much $$ from people. Disney is no longer Disney imo.

  29. Car

    Not going until reservations are gone

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