Fans Slam New “Bland” Disney World Location, Call It “Embarrassing”

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Disney's BoardWalk Inn at night

Credit: Disney

Carousel Coffee, a highly-anticipated new coffee shop, opened yesterday at the BoardWalk Inn at the Walt Disney World Resort. We recently covered all the new coffee items and snacks Guests can expect to find at the coffee shop, including Joffrey’s Coffee Cold Brew, Shakerato, Crunch Raspberry Danishes, and Vintage Mickey and Minnie Sugar Cookies.

Guests were looking forward to getting a fresh and exciting new coffee experience, especially as several new shops and experiences are getting added to Disney’s BoardWalk as part of Disney World’s new renovation efforts. However, several were disappointed with how the coffee shop turned out.

WDW Boardwalk Lobby Coffee
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

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On Twitter, many users pointed out how bland, colorless, and “uninspired” the shop was, saying that it was very “un-Disney.” Others pointed out that they should not be expected to pay premium prices for this experience and that Disney needs help with its decor.

Some Twitter users, such as @tinkchick555, explained how this could be “embarrassing” to the Disney brand, which is typically well-known for its incredible, colorful experiences:

I don’t know how they feel comfortable even getting away with this. This looks so sterile and because they don’t have any color to soak anything up the lights look so harsh. It just kinda looks so bad. The boardwalk looking like this is embarrassing.

Carousel Coffee at Disney's Boardwalk Inn Cast Member
Credit: Attractions Magazine

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Other commenters made jokes about the “blandness” of the shop, including users like @robjyeo:

The decorating budget for this was well into the double figures

User @hastin also chimed in:

This makes any Starbucks look like an immersive coffee experience.

WDW Boardwalk Lobby Croissants
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

And across the hall lies another similar area for Guests to enjoy their coffee. Some commenters like @guyselga had some interesting commentary on this sitting area:

Looks like an AI generated image “boring conference room”

In addition, @TOCPE82 commented:

Good god this is worse. It’s like the area patients would meet with families in a 30s era sanitarium.

carousel coffee crunchy raspberry danish and vintage mickey and minnie sugar cookies
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Though there was some framed art, including some images of the Mad Tea Party attraction at Magic Kingdom, Guests felt that this area was bland and devoid of feeling. But, who knows? Maybe with all the renovations that Disney World is planning across the Resort, a retheme (or at least some more color) will be in order for this coffee shop.

Have you been to Carousel Coffee yet? What did you think?

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