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D23 members and Disney fans were shocked and surprised to receive a personal message from CEO Bob Iger yesterday as the head of the Walt Disney Company sent out a mass letter promising all sorts of wonderful things for fans in the upcoming year. While this was indeed a pleasant surprise, some of the skeptics are wondering just how much Iger can deliver.

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Iger has been back in the Disney driver’s seat for just over a month, and he’s barely scratched the surface to how much needs to be done to restore the company name. However, a recent message to D23 members comes with a hopeful promise of changes to come. The entirety can be read here, but while things certainly sound positive on paper, it’s left perhaps purposefully ambiguous as to what sort of changes are underway for fans. Disney has a massive anniversary in 2023 with its 100 Years of Wonder, and they really can’t afford to mess things up. Iger’s return has undoubtedly been praised and applauded, but some fans have reason to believe that the CEO is making promises he can’t keep.

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To say that Disney has had it rough this year is putting it extremely lightly. The company is still financially recovering from the 2020 pandemic, the damage done by Chapek, tropical storms, Cast Members facing adversity, and unruly Guests tearing the Parks to shreds, and that’s only a fraction of the heat Disney has dealt with. Fans have pleaded and Cast Members have come forward in hopes that the company would make the necessary changes to bring the magic back, particularly with the Parks and movies.

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Knowing what Iger has said in the past with his shock regarding ticket prices to the Parks and a promise to return the company to its storytelling roots, there’s a glimmer of hope that Iger is preparing to address all these issues directly. However, there is equal likelihood that the upcoming announcement for the company’s anniversary could do very little to improve relationships with fans and Cast Members. That being said, it doesn’t seem like Iger will be heading that direction, as the letter’s tone sounds incredibly reassuring.

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Iger ended his message to fans by stating,

“Looking at all the opportunities ahead, I can honestly say there has never been a better time to be a Disney fan. It is an extraordinary privilege to lead this remarkable company again, and I am so grateful for your continued passion for Disney. On behalf of all of us at The Walt Disney Company, I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy and prosperous New Year.”

Fans can only wait till after the holiday season to see if these hopes will come to fruition.

Do you think Bob Iger will bring a new season of change for the company’s 100th anniversary? Tell us in the comments below.

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