Lucasfilm Reportedly Turns Ewan McGregor’s Wife Into Fan-Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Icon

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Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi on Daiyu

Credit: Lucasfilm

If the rumors are true, fans might know who will star as Hera Syndulla.

hera syndulla (left) and grand admiral thrawn (right) in star wars rebels
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka is releasing next year, and fans are eager to see what Dave Filoni has been directing. Usually, the writer/director has spent his time overseeing animation projects like The Bad Batch or The Clone Wars, but Filoni has taken a few stabs into live-action directing in the past few years. With a few episodes of The Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett directed, Filoni has tied a lot of fun Star Wars characters into a fun adventure.

Mando met legendary Jedi, Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, and even Bo-Katan thanks to Dave Filoni. Now, Ahsoka is continuing another story fans have been waiting years for. At the end of Star Wars: Rebels, fans saw Ahsoka arrive to pick up Sabine Wren as the two would travel the galaxy looking for their friend Ezra Bridger.

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars
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In the series finale, Ezra sacrificed himself to stop Thrawn from taking over Lothal and took the Grand Admiral into unknown space. Since then, no one has heard anything about Ezra or Thrawn after the Battle of Lothal.

Ahsoka will continue the story with some, if not all, of the Rebels crew making an appearance. Eman Esfandi starring as Ezra Bridger in Ahsoka, and fans wondered who would star as Hera Syndulla. According to the Bespin Bulletin, Elizabeth Winstead, the actress who recently married Ewan McGregor, is starring as the titular character.

ewan mcgregor (left) and mary elizabeth winstead (right) on red carpet
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With McGregor recently back as Obi-Wan, it must be fun for Winstead to join in on the fun as she is confirmed to be in the cast for Ahsoka, and it would make sense for her to be playing Hera. As the pilot and captain of the Ghost crew, Hera has fought for the Rebellion for a long time, and now that the Empire is in retreat, it would make sense that she would be invested in finding Ezra like Ahsoka and Sabine.

Filoni will definitely have some crazy twists planned for the series as Thrawn will be in the series since you can’t include Ezra without explaining what’s happened to Thrawn. As a fan-favorite villain, the mention of Thrawn in The Mandalorian was enough for fans to lose their minds back then, and now it seems that fans will be getting the proper version of the Sequel Trilogy created.

grand admiral thrawn in rebels
Credit: Lucasfilm

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With Thrawn in the mix with potentially the Imperial Remnant, Timothy Zahn’s original trilogy with the villain might become more relevant as Filoni might borrow a few concepts from the trilogy for his own series. Fans won’t be complaining, but it does leave you to wonder what role Hera will have in the series as the Ghost crew should be there with Ahsoka to find Ezra, but it’s hard to know what Filoni has planned for them in future projects.

Do you think Elizabeth Winstead will be starring as Hera Syndulla? Let us know what you think!

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