Is ‘Wednesday’ Being Renewed For a Second Season?

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wednesday and roomamte

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The new hit Netflix show Wednesday has received almost nothing but praise. Fans of the original series, and the movie adaptations starring Christina Ricci, have been glued to their televisions, watching their favorite gothic character.

Wednesday and friends
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Wednesday was one of the most anticipated Netflix shows of 2022.

Add the fact that Tim Burton, who made his television directorial debut on Wednesday, was attached to the project as both a producer and a director. Of course, once Netflix revealed the first look of Jenna Ortega in costume as the iconic Wednesday Addams, it only made fans that much more excited.

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Within the first five days of streaming, the show had over 340 million hours. But in the second week, it had jumped to a little over 411 million hours. Compared to some other Netflix hits like Stranger Things, Dahmer, and Squid GamesWednesday has the potential to become one of the biggest Netflix originals.

There were so many things that were left unanswered at the end of Season 1, that a second season is almost inevitable and required at this point.

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Questions like:

  • Who is Wednesday’s stalker?
  • Who will become the next principal of Nevermore?
  • What will happen to Laurel (the amazing Wednesday of the 90s)?
  • Will Pugsley join Nevermore?
  • What will happen to Tyler?
students from nevermore
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Wednesday was rather giddy the second she turned on her new phone to realize that she had already had a stalker. Having an extremely limited online presence, it’s rather impressive. This person has to be from Nevermore or Jericho.

With the death of Larissa Weems, there is not many people that can come in and take the place of principal. Especially at a school like Nevermore. The obvious answer is Morticia. Now that can be an entire series itself- Wednesday trying to get rid of her mother.

Larissa Weems
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With Laurel’s true identity revealed and her plans thwarted, what will happen to her? Will Tyler find a way back to help his master? Or is she completely finished?

Credit: Netflix

Going back to Morticia possibly becoming the new principal- that means the whole family would move. Moreover, that means that Pugsley would be joining his sister at Nevermore. Not sure how well Wednesday would respond to her family being with her at school every day.

The last we saw Tyler; he was being led away in chains and heading to either a prison or maybe even a psych ward. Not that they were going to get far as we were able to see him transform into Hyde.

There are way too many story points left unanswered. A second season seems like a must at this point.

What do you think? Would you want a second season?

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