How Disney Can Save Splash Mountain

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Saving Splash Mountain

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Splash Mountain is set to make its grand exit in December of 2023, and Disney fans have been harshly divided on the matter for what feels like months. While it’s great that Tiana and her friends from down in New Orleans, plenty of fans still have a soft spot for Br’er Rabbit. Could there be a way for Disney to satisfy both camps?

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Br’er Rabbit and his crew of critters have been called “problematic” thanks to their inclusion in Disney’s Song of the South. To say the film isn’t the company’s most controversial project would be somewhat false, but is that reason enough to have the furry friends kicked out and replaced? Quite frankly, the characters are much more recognizable on Splash Mountain than in the 1946 film. It might serve both Disney and the characters well if they got their own new animated feature.

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The Orlando Sentinel published an interesting letter to the editor from a fan who discussed the idea of using the characters from Splash Mountain for a new movie instead of outright replacing them with another property. The writer brought up a solid counterpoint regarding the ride’s upcoming closure. Orlando resident, Matt Perry, writes in his letter,

“To help correct any problematic vibes that may be out there from the controversial 1946 “Song of the South” film that introduced Br’er Rabbit and Br’er Fox, the new movie should instead help highlight our evolution on issues promoting humanity and equality.”

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Many Splash Mountain fans indeed share Perry’s thoughts, but that also acts as a double-edged sword as many might ask whether or not the characters are appropriate for “promoting humanity and equality.” That’s not to say they couldn’t, but rather could they do it and still be taken seriously?

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It might be a hail Mary of an idea, but it might be one that Disney should investigate. There’s a place for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, but that doesn’t mean Br’er Rabbit and the Briar Patch have to be thrown out with the bath water.

Do you think Br’er Rabbit could benefit from a new movie? Tell us in the comments below!

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