Disney Turns Iconic Ride Gender-Neutral, Boots Original Voice Actor

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disneyland paris tower of terror

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Recently, Disney made a pretty big change to a classic attraction.

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Over the last few years, Guests have taken notice of how progressive the Disney Parks and Resorts are becoming.

Last summer, Vivian Ware, Disney’s diversity and inclusion manager, said that Disney was working on removing all gendered greetings in live spiels, narrations that accompany attractions. According to Ware along with the company, this new initiative is another step toward a more progressive and inclusive experience both inside and outside of the company.

The most noticeable example was the removal of the iconic “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” spiel that proceeded nighttime shows at the Parks. “We’ve provided trainings for all of our our cast members and in relationship to that so now they know it’s, ‘hello everyone’ or ‘hello friends.’” Ware also said that Disney is currently in the process of changing its messaging within its parks. Phrases like “dreamers of all ages” have replaced “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” for announcements at the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom in Florida.

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But that’s not where the changes stop. During pride month this past June at Disneyland Paris, Guests may have noticed a lot of different places of business celebrating and changing their marketing. Disney is no stranger to pride month celebrations, with many events being held during the special month. Guests visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World can find exclusive merch as well as encounter limited-time decorations.

The European Resort opened gender-neutral restrooms during the celebration to help Guests feel more welcome. Now, another gender-neutral change has made its way into the Resort, this time on an actual attraction.

Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney
Originally, there was an audio spiel that addressed Guests, both male and female. Now, this French dialogue has been replaced, with it now addressing Guests in a gender-neutral manner. The change also meant removing voice actor Jacques Ciron from the attraction, who passed away just last week.
This change was revealed on social media earlier this week. This will surely not be the only ride to be changed at the Disney Parks, but we can’t help but wonder what will be next.
What do you think about this change?

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