Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Closing January 2023

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Big Thunder Mountain at night

Credit: Disney

Disney’s iconic coaster is shutting down.

Guests riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

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Though Disney’s collection of iconic roller coasters is admittedly hard to beat, one stands above the rest in terms of thrills and chills that are fun for the whole family. Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is self-described as “the wildest ride in the wilderness,” and for good reason.

Found in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom, Guests, have come to view Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as an essential piece of the Walt Disney World experience. The attraction whips and drops Guests as they traverse through the convincing and rough Frontierland aesthetic. The ride can be found in Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Park in Paris.

Unfortunately, this roller coaster will be going offline briefly next year.

big thunder mountain disneyland
Credit: Disney

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When looking at the official Walt Disney World attraction calendar, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be closed starting January 9, 2023. Thankfully, the ride will be back to normal operations just a few days later, on January 14.

With such a short timeframe for the closure, we don’t expect much to be done. Disney is most likely doing a few small “housekeeping” things on the attraction to ensure it’s working properly.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom

The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness

Legend has it that soon after gold was first discovered here in the 1850s, eerie things began to happen. Trains would take off and race through tunnels—by themselves.

After you arrive at the legendary Big Thunder Mining Company, descend into an abandoned mine shaft and board your train. As you enter the cursed cavern, the engine speeds up along the rickety track. Dodge exploding dynamite and falling boulders as you swoop around turns, drop into canyons and dart through the mysterious ghost town of Tumbleweed.

Your rip-roaring adventure proves that some legends are true. You’re sure to have a real blast!

What’s your favorite ride at Walt Disney World?

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