Beloved Disney Princess Takes Bad Fall In Front of Crowd

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Idina Menzel poses with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf at Walt Disney World.

Credit: Disney Parks

Ariel, Olaf, Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Elsa are just some of the characters Guests enjoy spotting while at Disney Parks.

Anna and Hans on ice

Each and every Disney character has their own mannerisms, personalities, and signatures that must be followed to a “tee.”

Disney princesses come with a whole different challenge as they are known as “face characters,” which means they interact through speech and facial expressions, rather than just movements.

While either being a Disney Princess or a Disney character, each job takes hours of learning and practice where they can share Disney magic with Guests. In addition, special Disney characters can be seen– sometimes even in your home town– through the special Disney on Ice.

The popular entertainment offering includes fan-favorite characters acting out their movie. Like in Frozen, when Elsa freezes Anna’s heart and she falls to the ground or when Hans and Anna are performing “Love is an Open Door.”

User @Keviniscool78 shared a TikTok of Disney on ice fails.

Disney on ice fails #fyp #disneyonicefails 


Disney on ice fails #fyp #disneyonicefails

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While watching that TikTok, Guests can see Elsa tripping and Anna taking a tumble. Also, Hans falls while performing. Many more characters have slip-ups while on the ice, as well.

disney on ice pumba timon
Credit: Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice has an offering where Guests can meet a few fan-favorite characters for an add-on price. Guests can meet way finder Moana, read a story with Belle, and spend time getting to know Queen Elsa from Frozen, and Mirabel from Encanto/ Disney on Ice has meet and greets for 45 minutes for Guests of all ages.

Disney On Ice Cinderella
Credit: @Consistently_Curi

Disney on Ice has different shows Guests can see, as well. Characters you may see performing depend on the night and could include Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story, Moana, Elsa and Mirabel in a smash-up of Frozen and Encanto, or a sing- along with Princess Tiana or Rapunzel.

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