Viral Video: Disney on Ice Pumbaa “Attacks” Little Boy

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Credit: Disney on Ice

When he was a young warthog… Pumbaa is a favorite character of both Disney Movie fans and The Lion King (1994) aficionados. When visits various ice arenas across the country, characters such as Timon and Pumbaa join the festivities, skating to famous Disney tunes and giving audiences quite a show.

When the ice-skating tour visited the local arena of the Garcia family, they scored front row tickets and brought the littlest of the family with them to see the show. What happened during The Lion King sequence is quite a surprise; the ice skating Pumbaa became a close call!

Viral Video: Ice Skating Pumbaa “Attacks” Little Boy

ice skating pumba disney on ice attacks boy
Credit: @angelynegarcia on TikTok

If you’ve never seen the antics of Pumbaa during Disney on Ice, you ought to get familiar with him! Presented as a four-legged warthog, Pumbaa appears to have four ice skates, but for a giant pig (they call me MISTER Pig!), he’s incredibly nimble. He can jump, twirl, and more. Twitter user “Fersita” (handle of @Fernanda_Jaime) wants to be Pumbaa when she grows up, sharing a quick clip of what Pumbaa on Ice can do. The tweet reads,

Cuando sea grande quiero ser Pumba en Disney on ice, es el mejorrrrrrr

which, when translated, reads as, “When I grow up I want to be Pumbaa in Disney on ice, it’s the best!”

Now that you’ve seen the amazing things Pumbaa can do, you ought to know that he is also top-notch with audience interaction! During any Disney on Ice performance containing our favorite warthog, he may approach the low sides of the arena and welcome some front-row guests. When this happened to the Garcia family, the little boy eagerly watching the show got more than he bargained for!

pumba disney on ice attacks boy
Credit: @angelynegarcia on TikTok

Mother Angelyne’s TikTok feed featured the wild moments when Pumbaa edged closer to visit their seating area. After telling her son to sit down multiple times, he continued to be enthralled at the edge of the stage. As Pumbaa nearly gave her little boy the scare of his life, she and her niece couldn’t help but laugh. Of course, two-year-old little boy was in no danger, but when you see a gigantic (larger than life!) warthog on ice skates coming at you… you panic!

Ms. Angelyne’s video can be seen in full below:


Reply to @gabbythegoddes LOL excuse me and my nieces laugh 😂😂

♬ original sound – 🧸:: 𝙶𝙰𝚁𝙲𝙸𝙰 ♡

What would you do if Pumbaa nearly skated out of the ice arena and into your lap? Would you laugh? Scream? Hug the big pig? Leave us a comment below!

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