Are These Really The “Worst” Disney Resorts?

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When it comes to a trip to Walt Disney World, where you stay can play an important part over the course of your visit. While there are plenty of Good Neighbor Hotels recommended by Disney, nothing compares to staying on property at one of the many magical Resorts only a short trip away from the Disney Parks.

Disney's All-Star Movie's Resort
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Of course, not all of Disney’s resorts are created equal. Comparing something like Art of Animation with the Swan and Dolphin or Beach Club with Coronado Springs is like apples and oranges, but the discussion of which one is the best has been circulating the fandom for decades. However, one recently shared opinion concerning the “worst” Disney Resort has some fans questioning what seems to be a practical, functional, and fun place to stay.

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Erika Resnick, a writer for TheDis, recently stated that the Value Resorts (All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, etc.) are the worst on the property, meaning they’re the worst resorts for a Guest’s money. While Resnick does make several good points concerning what the alternatives offer and that their biggest selling point is indeed their value, are they really “the worst” places a Disney fan can stay?

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Consider for a moment what the average Disney fan is like. Chances are they are going to be someone other than the type who will immediately be able to drop over $300 per night for somewhere like the Swan and Dolphin. Additionally, most Disney fans typically are going to spend less time at the Resort in the first place. If they’re going to be spending their trips nearly exclusively at the Parks, it might be best to have the basic bed, bath, and nothing beyond. Golf courses and gyms are excellent, but that’s not why people go to Disney. This concept also comes with a caveat. Guests visiting with kids should consider a Resort that better fits their Guest number, as the rooms might run small for some groups larger than a family of four.

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Along with the cost and proximity to the Parks, the value resorts also have something some of the more expensive ones seem to be sadly lacking, theming. Guests typically expect something different from a regular night at the Holiday Inn when staying at a Disney hotel. At resorts like All-Star Movies, Guests have room structures in the shape of Mickey’s sorcerer hat and Herbie the Lovebug across from a giant Fantasia-themed swimming pool. A Disney hotel should look like a Disney-themed hotel, something that resorts like the Contemporary are missing out on.

Disney's All-Star Movies
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Whether it’s for the price, the location, or the simplicity, staying anywhere at Disney shouldn’t feel like staying anywhere else. The value resorts meet Guests needs, and they do nothing to hinder the Walt Disney World experience. In the end, Disney has multiple resorts that cater to a variety of visitor types, but to think that any of them could be “the worst” seems like an unfair statement.

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