Resort Refurbishment Breaks Guests’ Hearts

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Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort is one of the biggest fixtures on the Florida Park’s property, but its recent renovations have left much to be desired. Before the Incredibles took over the rooms, the resort had a jazzy and snazzy art deco theme inspired by the 1960s. In spite of Disney’s efforts, however, some Guests at the hotel are discovering that the new additions aren’t quite so efficient or permanent.

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For being one of the closest resorts to the Parks, there’s something uncharacteristically drab about the new decor of the rooms. Where other resorts, even the value ones like All-Star Movies, have their interiors impeccably decorated with Disney’s classic characters, the rooms at the Contemporary feel like standard-issue hotel interiors with Pixar characters slapped on. Naturally, it didn’t take long for Guests staying there to notice and report their experiences.

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A Reddit post by u/itsmleonard reports that dissatisfied Guests have already started leaving scathing reviews of the renovations. Needless to say, many of them are more than a little put off by the new design choices. Some, naturally, are quick to call out the price of the stay, others the choice of decor, and others that quality of the new additions. One fact remains is that this is clearly a different resort from what others have experienced.

u/Grinns111 aptly writes,

“Ever notice anything that is incredible is removable? The decals, the pillows, the curtains. Anything permanent is a different theme like the monorail mirror. Don’t be surprised if they get rid of the incredible stuff and just make it a regular room. I wouldn’t mind if they leaned into the 1960-1970 art deco vine.”

It might seem minor to the untrained eye, but the removable decals and pillows might be signaling a temporary status of the redesign. It’s not like Disney to take the cheap route, and this doesn’t feel like such a good omen.

contemporary resort new guest room
Credit: Disney

u/Noah4517 adds,

“I feel so bad people spend this much money to stay in a room like this, when other deluxe/better resorts are available. Literally the only good aspect about this resort is convenience. Easily the worst “renovations” I’ve ever seen.”

Paying for location isn’t an uncommon practice, but many visitors are expecting Disney to provide more than the average resort hotel. By that extent, it’s understandable to see why Guests like this user were left unsatisfied.

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Adding on to the previous thought, u/WeJustDid46 says it all.

“If you look at the past few years when WDW has renovated any of their hotels they have taken away most if not all of the theming. WDW has turned their resort rooms into plain hotel/motel rooms and they still want you to pay an exorbitant amount to stay onsite. It is truly heartbreaking to see what is going on throughout WDW.”

Disney is going through a necessary season of change in the wake of Bob Iger’s return to the helm. However, as demonstrated by these responses from Guests, not all the new changes are sitting well with their audience. If Disney fans are wanting things the way they used to be, this “contemporary” renovation isn’t the way to do it.

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