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Angry Donald Contemporary

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  1. Royz

    Compare this to the World of Disney Store at the Springs WDWR .
    (Marketplace for those who are old school).

    The store was completely remolded and the “character” removed. It looks like a factory warehouse.

    To be fair the trend is there, we see it in hotels, retail, restaurants…ever since Starbucks (a trend better kept in Seattle) came into the mainstream, thats the trend, look at Mcdonalds, most of those too have removed out the character..Kohls retail just done remodel which now makes it look like a cheap neutral store.

    This happened in Orlando area too with paint schemes of new construction homes. Trenders (home developers) were introducting muted earth tone colors to the exteriors seen in other regions of the US, thereby destroying the characteristic of the pastel colors (pink, blue, green, yellow, etc.) emphasizing that this is a teopical area. It got so out of hand locals fought it, and it kept it from muting the entire area.

    The trend minimalism holistic organic evoking a natural environment theme. No character, no theme, hardly any character. Just because its trendy does not mean its for the mainstream population, nor gives the right to remove nostalgiaesque memories.

    However, as we have seen whats old is new and whats new is old. Every so many years we see a complete 180 of the current trend which makes the older cool again with a new generation. So why spend all the $$$$$ because in the long run it will revert what made it so popular and memorable.

    While the trend is current we do have a small counter trend population who want to hold onto what has made their memorable moments.

    1. Steve

      It’s all about cost. “Modern” design is dirt cheap to build and maintain. No need to even remodel when one woke business goes under and is replaced by another state-subsidized boondoggle.

      1. Anne DiGiuseppe

        Recently stayed here with my family and were so disappointed. We always loved our stays at the Contemporary but never again. The rooms are not senior friendly: beds are extremely high and difficult to get in and out of (no chairs or stools in the room to help with this.) The tubs are higher than most and there are no grab bars to assist you in and out of the tub. This is an accident waiting to happen.

        1. T

          Wonder if they have accessible rooms that one can request?

          As for branding- going neutral does not make sense for a company built on characters!

        2. Charlene

          THIS!! you said it all for me. Thank you. I’ll add to it….rooms are smaller I think due to renovations making bathroom larger. 4 of us were cramped in these rooms. I’d prefer original bathroom size that was there. My mother who is disabled has a very difficult time with bed and tub . Overall always loved this resort but likely I will not return and stay here. Staff however was very good!!

      2. JJ

        You just commented so you could use the word “woke” didn’t you?

        1. Steve

          Do you think telling me you are offended is going to make me stop pointing out the truth?

          1. T

            Oh go lick a fat one, Steve.

          2. Bob

            Keep this one away from the kids.

          3. JS

            Redesigning buildings is done for cost effectiveness. It is not a political agenda. Not everything in life is politics. Sometimes, it is just penny pinching.

        2. Jettgrey

          Actually, that was you.

        3. Jack Sparrow


        4. Jayne1955

          JJ, if we ever meet I owe you a hug.

        5. Woke / Ruining America

        6. JS


          “WOKE WOKE WOKE!!!”

          Sorry, I can’t help it. Tucker told me to do it.

    2. Nicole

      Vegas is undergoing the same stripping of anything theme. Personally I don’t get it. People can stay at any generic Hotel in any generic destination. Yet they go to these places to be transported into a different world, experience a different vibe. The corporations are taking all that away.

      1. Sora

        Exactly. I like themed stuff. It’s nice and gives people a chance to be creative. Plus it’s interesting to see how people do the theme.

    3. Ec

      Poorly .educated execs. Right out of college and think they know everything. They should start from bottom and learn the business they are trying to to run.

  2. Peggy

    Felt this way when Kidani was done over and the rooms were painted off white missing the decorative curtains. Felt like a standard hotel room. They left some of the art inspired items but the white walls really took away from it. And the couch feels cheap. Not what paying for DVC was represented.

  3. Phil

    Stayed at the Contemporary because I stayed there when it originally opened and again when I was 18. I wanted my son to share the experience. Spent $750 per night and it was a total bust. The monorail wait was over 20 min and in a gated single file line. The line was not well organized and it wasted so much time that it was just easier to walk to the Kingdom. The one main attraction of the hotel is to get to take the cool and quiet monorail to the parks. Since it took less time to walk to the Magic Kingdom that park was out. Then if you go to Epcot you have to wait and then change monorails which with the wait time in the hotel takes 40 min to get to Epcot.

    Moving on the hotel and rooms are just plain vanilla. I’m not sure how they changed the lobby from years ago but when I was there in the 1980’s it had a Logan’s run futuristic openness to it. I think now they have cut the lobby up and put in two Disney restaurants so you lose the whole open unobstructed lobby feel with the high ceilings. The rooms too have no real upgrades. They are small – perhaps 250 sq ft.

    The two good things were that we met and took photos with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Daisy while eating in the restaurant which you can’t do easily anywhere else. The other is seeing the park and fireworks from the park view room. But you have to ask yourself is it worth $750 for those two things and put up with no real usage of the monorail. It’s not. Other Disney properties such as the Swan or Dolphin are much newer and nicer, have easy park access by boat and cost $200-250 per night.

  4. Rroe

    For what Disney charges for their hotels, they should pay YOU to park there.

  5. Summer

    We stayed in a tower room just below club level and had a spectacular view of Bay Lake in 2015. The mid century modern style was beautiful, and we loved it. Seeing the photos of the incredibles redo, we knew we would never return to the Contemporary. Very disappointing.

    1. Mary

      I haven’t been in ages but afraid to go now.

      No matter how decently we raised our kids, the world is still turning to crap.

  6. Karen Jones

    The Contemporary is one of the few resorts with meeting space. Corporate travelers don’t like overly themed, busy hotel rooms. Keeping it more neutral and less kitschy serves a wider audience.

    1. Ellie

      And yet they went with super kitschy cartoon characters. Bad move IMO. They would be much better if entirely removed. IP everywhere is not needed. Or at least do it more subtly.

    2. David M

      But it is Disney, that is why corporations hold their meetings there, not because of location, but most offer their folks a few days off to visit the parks. There are plenty of other venues, EMBASSY Suites for one! All across the nation and a whole lot less money than Disney. WDW is an adventure, not Holiday Inn Express.

    3. Lunafalls

      If they want “neutral and less kitschy”, why choose a very expensive Disney resort for their corporate meetings? They could have that in any regular hotel in any other (much cheaper!) city.

  7. Kim

    I just came back and used the monorail to go through the Contemporary. There are still plenty of people willing to pay exorbitant rates to stay in a hotel they are unhappy with. Disney will not change if everyone continues to pay these prices. If your not happy, stop going to that hotel and maybe they will get the hint.

  8. Dave 62

    Well maybe the historical society needs to get involved to protect these national monuments

    1. Jack Sparrow

      So edgy, but ultimately you failed.

      1. Captain Gibbs

        Jack, are you out of rum again? Seem a bit grouchy.

  9. Sammy

    I don’t love the re-theme, but desperately wish they would improve the wi-fi and add microwaves to the rooms. It’s crazy that I can get every amenity I would ever want for 1/4 of the price at a good neighbor hotel. Especially when the wait for buses to the 3 non-walkable parks is obscene at the Contemporary. I love the history of the Contemporary, but it’s a one or 2 night hotel for me. Would rather split stay and enjoy Beach Club for the bulk of my trip. P.O. French Quarter is an amazing, compact resort for mid-tier price.

  10. Marcus

    I really like the Incredibles theme at the Contemporary. I’m less excited about what they’re doing at the Grand Floridian. But, the IP retheme hotel plans are generally fine. What I don’t like are the very uninspired new DVC buildings. The new Polynesian DVC is out of place.

  11. Jim M

    Recent unpopular changes feel like they are driven by too much dependence on market research, “Q” scores, etc. Disney is not a Best Western. Disney fans want the hotel theming that is now disappearing. Similar disconnection across the theme parks as well. Iger said it right: Disney has lost its soul. Where are the true Imagineers of old?

  12. Charles Hodges

    Honestly, I agree The rooms used to speak luxury. Now they just seem spartan cheap. Never much liked the movie Incredibles anyway. Stayed at Saratoga recently and the décor is much nicer there. One thing I miss is the Disney music on the TV.

  13. Beth Covin


  14. Kev

    Everything needs to be starilized and neutral now. If there is any “character” added to anything, it’s now offensive and has to be changed. So how do we give hotels character without being offensive? We need to come up with solutions to this day and age.

  15. Kyle M Dietrich-Hughes

    Took our family to the Contemporary this past October. Though I liked the bathroom, the bedroom was cold and uncomfortable. Not at all welcoming when coming back from a day in one of the parks.

  16. David M

    If you are going to stay on the property, even the commercials show Disney Character theming in the Hotels. Be it pictures on the walls, Hidden mickeys in the carpet, Bedding with Charcters or beds with headboards from some of the movies. Easy and not expensive to create. People and children need to be immersed in the TOTAL Disney experience. Since you are paying the HIGH price, let it be a High Fantasy!

  17. David M

    The Answer is, when you get home and purchased all the Disney items you want, and like, do up your home in a Disney theme! We like going to the Arts Festival and purchasing some of the paintings we like, then coming home and framing them, along with Menus we have collected and items that Disney sends you, if they still do, and frame those.
    Therefore, we get Disney all year long and it makes it fun.
    If you don’t want to have a Fairy Tale Home, just do 1 room, or get a ruggable rug, (expensive) and that gives a toned down look to your room. Have fun, if the hotels don’t. Cheers

  18. Bunny Blue

    Zach is a hack and can’t afford to stay here. I’m loaded and stay at all the deluxe hotels. You stink!

    1. Jack Sparrow

      You live in Section 8 and fantasize about any vacation.

  19. MK

    It’s not art deco, it was/is modern/mid-century modern.

  20. WD

    I think non-themed rooms would be fine at the Contemporary. The building itself is iconic. I’d like to see them do a modern interpretation of the original 1971 style for the rooms. Clean lines, bright colors, bold patterns.

  21. O

    They’re losing exclusive rights to their characters. The mouse will enter public domain in 2024.

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