‘Ahsoka’ Reportedly Going In New Direction, Exploring Witchcraft In ‘Star Wars’

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Star Wars has been many things, but very few fans know about witchcraft unless you saw The Clone Wars, and it might play a role in Ahsoka.

Dathomir zombies and Nightsisters
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Darth Maul might look scary, but his home planet is even more terrifying. As a Zabrak, Maul lived with his brothers, who all trained together for the Nightsisters, a cult that ruled over Dathomir as witches. They had powerful magic, and so the Zabraks were their humble servants.

During Maul’s birth, he was sent to Darth Sidious by Mother Talzin, the leader of the Nighsisters. After the Clone Wars, Dathomir fell into a darker place as the Nightsisters were vanquished by General Grievous and his droid army after trying to assassinate Dooku.

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This left one Nightsister Merrin to work with a fallen Jedi, Taron Malocos, to bring some order back onto Dathomir, but this didn’t end well for Malocos after Cal Kestis arrived. Cal managed to persuade Merrin that he wasn’t like Grievous and wouldn’t harm her people unless they threatened him. This led to Cal taking out Malocos and bringing Merrin with him on his quest to find a certain Holocron.

Now, Dathomir is in ruins, with ghosts and zombies lurking in the shadows. In the events of Ahsoka, Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka Tano might finally explain why Star Wars has witchcraft. The Nightsisters used the force to channel their abilities into rituals or spells which could wreak havoc on their enemies.

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Unlike other force users, their witch magic doesn’t really make sense, but Making Star Wars claims that Dave Filoni will be exploring the origins of the Nightsisters and witchcraft in Ahsoka. Filoni is reportedly introducing fans to a new uncharted part of the Star Wars galaxy called “The New Space” or “The Beyond,” which is where the Nightsisters are from and where they learned their powers.

The rumors also include Ivanna Sakhno starring as a Nightsister, while others believe she is starring as Hera Syndulla. With Ahsoka and Sabine searching for Ezra in the Unknown Regions, this seems very likely to happen, but the real question is, why does Star Wars need witchcraft? For animated projects, it might be fine to show more spooky or creepy parts of the universe, but live-action projects have a bigger audience, and there will be some who won’t be happy seeing witchcraft take the spotlight.

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Witchcraft could be a dealbreaker for some who don’t want their kids seeing mystical rituals performed on their screen, which makes sense since the Nightsisters are a cult, and not everyone wants to see that. Unfortunately, Star Wars may tie the cult in with Ahsoka, a beloved character who has crossed over with The Mandalorian and, chances are, will cross over with the hero once again.

This won’t be good for fans as they will have to watch Ahsoka to stay caught up with the “Mandoverse” and avoid major moments being spoiled later on.

Do you think Star Wars should have witchcraft? Let us know what you think!

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