Why Guests And Cast Members Should Be Iger’s First Order of Business

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Bob Iger

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Bob Iger has been the talk of the town since he replaced former Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, earlier this week. November 28, Iger has scheduled a town hall meeting with the Cast Members and staff of the Walt Disney Company. While this is a private event, there will be a certain amount of speculation as to what issues will be addressed first.

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Since re-assuming his former position with the company, Iger has already been faced with a laundry list of challenges that need immediate addressing in order to restore the Disney name to its former standing. Attraction repairs, Park conditions, and Genie+ are just a few of the issues set before the CEO, but if Iger truly wants to make a proper change to the company, he’ll start by focusing on the concerns involving Cast Member treatment and Guest relations to form a sturdy foothold based in good faith. The Disney Parks can have the most elaborate attractions, Disney+ can be the primary source of magical entertainment, and the studio can continuously create new and exciting stories under his guidance, but if the company doesn’t have a valued team of staff members and a receptive audience, Disney is dead in the water.

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Since a show can’t exist without performers, Disney’s Cast Members need to be brought front and center before any drastic corporate or image-based changes are made. From maintenance to the technicians, the Cast Members are the ones who truly make the Disney Parks work, and that’s no understatement. However, despite referring to them as the company’s “secret sauce” Chapek showed little love for his team with his planned massive layoffs and harsh conditions for the team at Disneyland. Hopefully, Iger already has a strategy to improve the quality of life and work for Cast Members across all Disney properties during this transitional period. Better Cast Member conditions will undoubtedly lead to better morale, which in turn will lead to better Park experiences for everyone involved.

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Jumping off the previous statement, better conditions for the Cast Members will also lead to better experiences for Guests visiting the Disney Parks. Recent accounts have reported an increase in unruly Guest behavior, as well as several dissatisfied customers on Disney’s part. With Chapek himself admitting the company should start “listening to their audience,” its clear to see that there has been more than just a failure to communicate. Casual fans and Park Guests alike have made their grievances known, and a change is long overdue.  If Disney truly wants to make its audience happy, as Walt himself aimed for every day, they need to refocus on what’s important to them. Putting essential Park experiences behind a paywall like Genie+ is definitely not the way to do things.

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Needless to say, Iger has his work cut out for him and its not going to be an easy fix. In a perfect world, all he would have to do is wave his hand and sign some documents and Disney returns to the way it was before before the 2020 pandemic. Addressing these concerns might not fix everything all at once, but it would certainly be a huge step in the right direction.

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