Resellers Inflate Cost of New Disney Merchandise By Over 100%

in Walt Disney World



mr toad's wild ride sign
Credit: Disney

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Disney has really been going all in on its new popcorn buckets. In the last year, popcorn buckets have been released in all different kinds of shapes and sizes, representing things from Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade to EPCOT’s unofficial mascot, Figment.

The buckets always prove to be extremely popular among Guests, and Disney plays into this hype by limiting their release of them.

Mr. Toad magic Key shot
Credit: Disney

Disney recently released a popcorn bucket themed to Mr. Toad himself, a beloved character from a ride now long-defunct.

The new bucket is priced at $30 each. We are sure that supplies will run out very quickly for this new product, so it’s best to get yours sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, for those who missed their chance, you may end up at the mercy of online resellers.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Credit: Disney

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It’s pretty common for exclusive or limited merchandise to be resold online for higher prices, but we hate to think a Guest might have missed their chance to purchase this item for a reasonable

As you can see in the photos below, the new popcorn bucket is already being listed well above what it retails for in Walt Disney World:



As you can see, sellers have listed the new popcorn bucket for over double what the bucket retails for in the actual Parks. When taking a look at the sold listings, you can see that these buckets are indeed selling:


This new popcorn bucket is available from November 1 through November 4, meaning Guests only have a few days to snag this exciting new souvenir at The Walt Disney World Resort.

Were you able to purchase this new popcorn bucket?

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