Disney Cast Member Could Be Penalized For Photoshop Fail

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A poorly photoshopped family - wearing clothes that were trendy a decade ago - next to a photoshopped Mr. Toad in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

Credit: Disney Parks Instagram

Disney Photo Pass Cast Members make sure everyone’s in the picture! Whether you purchase a day of photos or Disney Memory Maker for a vacation’s worth of memories, you’re sure to be delighted by the magical moments you’ll capture during your Walt Disney World Resort visit.

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Sometimes, Photo Pass Cast Members offer “Magic Shots.” Cast Members will instruct you to do a specific pose or expression for these photos. When the picture shows up on the My Disney Experience app, a character or special effect will “magically” appear on your image!

A girl with glasses, brown braids, and black Minnie Mouse ears looks at her hand, where Chip (a teacup) has been added in post-production.
Credit: Inside the Magic Jess Colopy

Walt Disney World Resort recently announced that Mr. Toad would triumphantly return to the Florida Disney Parks with his own Magic Shot alongside a popcorn bucket and themed treats.

However, the Disney Park quickly deleted its original announcement after fans noticed a poor photoshop job. Emily Z. (@magically_emily) shared a screenshot of the post on TikTok:


A truly bizarre Photoshop fail from Disney (why didn’t they just take an actual photo of people?!) #disney #disneyparks #disneyeats #photoshop #photoshopfail

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“Now, if you look at this photo super quickly, you might not think that anything’s off about it, but it could be one of the worst photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen,” Emily explained. “This is an actual photo that an official Disney account posted.”

Emily continued to point out all the issues with the photo, including the outdated outfits and terrible background removal.

Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman from the adventures of ichabod and mr toad poster
Credit: Disney

“Look at their jeans! You can see the original watermark that’s on the photo,” Emily noted. “They didn’t even take that off. Also, she’s doing a great job holding onto that sign there.”

“Who did this? And who allowed this to be posted? Because this is beyond embarrassing photoshop fails,” Emily said. “As you can see, this post now only has three photos, so they did delete this after they received the comments like, ‘What in the weird photoshop wackiness is going on there?’ But how does a company like Disney post online something that looks so bad?”

PhotoPass Picture
A Magic Shot at Magic Kingdom. Credit: Disney

Many commenters agreed and said it was likely a mock-up for a better edit, never meant to be shared publicly. “Definitely a mock up that never should’ve gotten into anyones hands. That person can get in big trouble. 🫤,” @cantoloopy wrote.

“It feels like someone was mocking it up and the unfinished version got uploaded,” @manchestercole agreed.

Disney Parks and Disney Eats later made a new Instagram post without the poor photoshop job.

Did you see this picture before it was taken down? 

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