Guests Discuss Growing Thievery Problem at Disney Parks

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The Disney Parks can be a magical place for families and friends to gather and enjoy a day or a few together or celebrate a momentous occasion. One way to commemorate this is through finding specialty Disney merch at the Parks or perhaps in an online store if you don’t find yourself at the Parks that often.

But what happens when you proudly display your merch, especially on your car, and it gets stolen? Unfortunately, for many Guests, this is an all-too-real possibility.

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Reddit user Letterkenny-34787 recently asked the Disney World Reddit community about this very issue:

Does anyone else in Central FL have experience with getting their Annual Passholder magnets stolen off their car? Wtf is so hard about being a decent human being?!

Unfortunately, per the comments on this post, this was not an isolated incident.

Reddit user GrannyMine expressed:

We had ours stolen in the MK parking lot.

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Other posters had this experience, but not exclusively in Florida or even at the Parks. User YoMomFavorite said:

We got ours stolen in Texas, so it’s not FL specific. People can’t keep their hands off what isn’t theirs.

Additionally, user Witty_Feedback_8909 shared:

Mine was stolen in California in my driveway.

User FirstResult1 also shared a related experience of their friend:

I haven’t had this happen to me personally, but magnets of all kinds get swiped off of cars. I had a friend in high school who’s mom had a bunch of college magnets that got stollen off her car in a Publix parking lot.

Commenters expressed their loss of faith in humanity and even suggested solutions for the poster, such as keeping their magnets on the fridge to ensure safekeeping.

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What is really unfortunate about these situations is the length of extremes that Guests often endure to get these magnets, or other exclusive pieces of Disney merch. For instance, back in March, Disney World came out with a new Annual Passholder (AP) magnet. Because demand was so high, they had started a virtual queue system that Guests waited in for almost four hours!

These magnets are not the only things being stolen at the Parks, though. We’ve recently reported on those who have stolen hundreds of dollars worth of Disney merch, including Loungefly bags and spirit jerseys. Other stolen items include a medallion from an engraved brick outside Disneyland, and even bed decorations from the Hotel Santa Fe in Disneyland Paris.

These recent strands of thieving activities make Parks visits a little less special, but Guests can help report these situations if they see something in action and be a part of preventing these kinds of occurrences from happening in the future.

Have you ever had something stolen at a Disney Park? How did you handle it?

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