Disney Guest Disappointed That “Maintenance is Lacking” at the Parks

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The Disneyland Resort is a magical place, known for its immersive attractions, engaging experiences, loveable characters, and iconic music. However, there have been many recent reports of attractions that are broken or malfunctioning, leaving some Guests to question whether their experience was worth the cost.

Such is the case of one Guest, who recently shared their experience with broken attractions at the Disneyland Resort over the past week.

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In a new Reddit thread, user atmatthewat provides a detailed report listing out problems they noticed on the different attractions across the Parks. The user also pointed out that they have been to Disneyland more than 50 times and have never experienced as many rides breaking down as they did this past week.

On Monday, the poster visited Disneyland. Below is their experience with rides that were down:

  • Rode the Monorail in to the park. My parents arrived a few minutes after us, and tried to ride the Monorail in as well. It was down.
  • Finding Nemo Subs – one entire section was dark and silent.
  • Matterhorn – Yeti on one side of lift is dark (other side is working, we rode once on each side)
  • Pirates – some of the lighthouses are dark, one chase turntable not working
  • Rise of the Resistance – Kylo did get blown out (which wasn’t working last time), but cannons are no longer moving
  • Smugglers Run – Broke down while in line, took roughly 30 minutes to come back up
  • Big Thunder was down in the evening
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On Tuesday, atmatthewat visited Disney California Adventure first, then Disneyland after California Adventure closed for a party:

  • Radiator Springs Racers – went down before we rode, came back up after 15 minutes, Mac doesn’t light up at all, first Mater didn’t move, tractor tipping wasn’t working, paint illusion in Ramone’s wasn’t working
  • Luigi’s – went down just before we boarded, tried to bring it back, after 30 minutes gave up and gave everyone lightning lane credits
  • Small World – several things are missing, notably Polynesia is down to one hula dancer
  • Tried to use Lightning Lane to go on Big Thunder but it went down (one of many times it was down during our stay) and stayed down the rest of the evening and we got our second set of lightning lane credits for the day
  • Canal Boats – lots of lighting is out at night
  • Monorail – never came back up after the evening shutdown period despite earlier promise it would be operating at that time
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And on Wednesday, the poster visited Disneyland in the morning and California Adventure in the afternoon:

  • Splash Mountain – Went down for 10-15 minute intervals twice while in line, including just before we boarded. One section entirely dark. One of the vultures is non-functional. Went down just prior to unload for another 10 minutes.
  • Incredicoaster – one of the trains has no audio at all (other times we rode had no problems)

This user also indicated that they stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel, which is currently under construction, and had issues with their rideshare driver finding where to pick them up, as there was no clear signage to tell the driver where to go.

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The comments on this post reflected views of other recent Disneyland visitors, who noticed these issues on their visits as well, such as the lone hula dancer on “it’s a small world.” Commenters speculated this could be due to the upcoming holiday overlay for the attraction or that they were taking the other hula dancers for maintenance, leaving the only functional one behind.

Other Guests questioned why people defend the ongoing price premiums at the Park as these many maintenance issues keep occurring.

Have you been to the Disneyland Resort recently? Were there any rides that were malfunctioning? Tell us your experience in the comments!

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