Is Disney Losing Its Magic at Paradise Pier Hotel?

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disneys paradise pier hotel

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We’ve known for a while now that Paradise Pier Hotel is transforming into the Pixar Place Hotel, but Guests recently expressed dismay at the state of the hotel, including the decreased quality and amenities.

Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel
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One such outcry came from @21royalstreet on Twitter, who recently Tweeted out their opinion:

I cannot stress this enough to anybody visiting Disneyland: Do not stay at Paradise Pier Hotel right now while it becomes Pixar Place. It is a disaster. No dining at all, the reception/lobby/gift shop are all currently set up in an empty ballroom, and it just in general is a dump

@21royalstreet then replied to this Tweet:

Do not pay Disney prices for a hotel that is barely functional. Keeping this hotel during this remodel project is horrible & Disney should be ashamed. They cannot deliver on their own brand expectations, let alone basic hotel expectations for the price point.

Other Guests shared their dismay in direct response to this Tweet, including user @K_Manzone, who had this to say:

And they are still charging $350 + per night.

User @Sammyland6 chimed in as well:

I can’t believe they found a way to make it worse

Even @furiated hopped on the dismay train:

I would gladly pay for an upcharge event to help tear that place down.

Paradise Pier Hotel swimming pool
Credit: Disney

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While it’s clear that some Guests have strong negative opinions about the state of this hotel, not all is lost. Some users still have faith in the hotel and its newest construction endeavors.

For example, user @JustJeanine highlighted the elevator pre-programmed interface:

I think I walked through there a few months ago and it was more or less the same, so seems like kind of slow going. The elevators now have that neat pre-programmed interface tho.

The thought continues in the next Tweet:

I’m a fan of the new thing now where elevators just decide which door you’re going to in advance. No more having to shuffle around having to try to predict which bay will open up first so you can beat the crowd into it.

Additionally, user @August_Macias notes that the hotel includes a special entrance to Disney California Adventure Park:

Hey, there’s that special entrance to DCA you have access to if staying on the hotel. It’s not all bad…

Disney California Adventure Park Entrance
Credit: Disney

Disneyland Resort anticipated Guest concerns with the hotel renovations and posted a dedicated webpage for construction updates, letting Guests know what they can expect during their stay. Disney has updated Guests so far on what they can expect regarding hotel amenities (which includes the direct entrance into Disney California Adventure Park, as mentioned previously), dining and recreation, closed sidewalks, check-in process, merchandise, ATMs, and more. All updates can be found on Disney’s construction update webpage.

Have you been to Paradise Pier Hotel while it’s under construction? What are your thoughts on this new project?

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