Classic Disney World Attraction Remains Closed, Opening Unsure

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country bear jamboree

Looks like a Br’er Fox, Br’er Bear, and a few other furry friends are causing some kind of commotion downstream.

Splash Mountain
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A trip to Walt Disney World isn’t complete without visiting the Magic Kingdom. From classic dark rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean to more thrilling adventures like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain, Guests are in for a wild day.

Of course, don’t forget all of the delicious snacks you can indulge in here as well.

Big Al Country bear Jamboree
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But there’s one very special attraction that quite possibly could be called Disney’s funniest and most entertaining show of all time, that being Country Bear Jamboree.

The beloved entertainment show features animatronic bears who put on a show for Walt Disney World Resort Guests right in the midst of Frontierland. The show is edgy, slightly raunchy, and full of catchy tunes that will make you forget all about the brutal Florida heat.

Unfortunately, this attraction has been closed all morning at the Magic Kingdom, with no word on when or if it will open today at all. The attraction has no wait times available and is not shown on the Magic Kingdom map on the My Disney Experience app.

Credit: Disney

The official description of Country Bear Jamboree reads:

This Hootenanny is a Real Hoot

Step inside the rustic theater known as Grizzly Hall and take your seat before the lights dim. Clap along as 18 Audio-Animatronics hillbilly bears play and sing during this 16-minute, foot-stompin’ cele-bear-tion. You’ll hear a medley of original and classic tunes—all performed by the zaniest critters in the woods. 

Overflowing with humor, heart and a few surprises, this crowd-pleasing show features a down-home, southern sensibility you and your cubs will love.

Walt Disney’s Pawprints

Country Bear Jamboree is one of the very last attractions that Walt Disney personally helped develop. Originally planned for a never-built Disney ski resort in Mineral King, California, the show with the singing bears happily moved out to Florida in 1971 and has been performing daily at Magic Kingdom park ever since.

Do you enjoy Country Bear Jamboree?

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