Disney Character Loses Body Part on Beloved Attraction

in Walt Disney World

brer bear brer rabbit splash mountain

Credit: Disney

Maybe everything isn’t satisfactual?

Credit: Disney

Even though Walt Disney World offers so many great rides, attractions, and experiences, Splash Mountain has to be one of the most beloved attractions in all of Disney Parks history. The ride is currently located at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, as well as Tokyo Disneyland, but soon a new ride will be taking over.

The attraction is based on the film Song of the Southwhich is extremely controversial as many deem it racist. Because of how controversial this film is, a retheme was announced for the attraction a few years ago, which would turn it into a ride based on Princess and the Frog (2009). In fact, the movie is considered by many the most controversial and notorious film in Disney’s history.

brer bear brer rabbit splash mountain
Credit: Disney

However, this iconic ride is facing a list of issues, as pointed out by many passionate fans of the ride. Recently, a crucial character in the ride was missing a part of his body with o explanation as to where the piece went. This was shown in the tweets linked below:

I just checked back to make sure and yeah, Br’er Fox’s nose is missing lol Me and CM laughed hard watching this video I hope your nose will be found… lol (Translated)

As you can see, Br’er Fox was inexplicably missing his nose Thankfully, his nose was eventually returned, but he suffered another wardrobe malfunction shortly after:

Br’er Fox’s nose is back! We celebrated the return lol But now it seems like his neck fur is not tucked in his shirt so it’s hanging out 🙁 (Translated)

Of course, it wouldn’t make sense for Disney to give this attraction a full refurbishment as it is expected to close sometime in the next few months. But still, seeing a ride as legendary as Splash Mountain in the state that it’s in is quite sad. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is set to open sometime in 2024.

Are you looking forward to the retheme of Splash Mountain?

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