Popular Six Flags Coaster Now Permanently Closed

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Credit: Six Flags

Well, it’s official. As of September 11, 2022, a major attraction at Six Flags Over Texas is now closed.

Credit: Six Flags

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The Mr. Freeze attraction first debuted in 1998 and has been a fan favorite ever since. In 2011, Six Flags announced a retheme and remodel that changed the ride’s operating nature as well as the name from Mr. Freeze to Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast. As the name suggests, the trains were reversed so that riders would launch backward out of the station.

This closure is unexpected for sure, especially considering that Six Flags Over Texas recently upgraded the ride with structural work as well as a brand-new coat of paint.

However, given that Six Flags did all this work on the ride and the fact that the ride is popular, it’s very likely Six Flags is not intending to completely throw out the roller coaster. Six Flags even hinted that this is the case in a tweet last week.

Credit: Six Flags

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An accident occurred at this attraction earlier this year, with several Guests being rushed to the hospital. It is doubtful that this is the reason the attraction is closing.

Six Flags describes the now-closed attraction as follows:

Something about this ice cream factory looks a little off, don’t you think?  It’s downright creepy. The deeper you venture, the more ominous this demented industrial wasteland becomes. In fact, you’ve stumbled into the lair of MR. FREEZE, BATMAN’s chillingly insane enemy!

MR. FREEZE has some terribly fun plans for you. Using cutting-edge electromagnetic technology, you’ll be launched from the station, hitting 0-70 miles per hour in a mind-crunching 3.8 seconds!

And as the name of this ride indicates, you’ll be doing it in reverse. You’ll slam out of the station at 70 miles per hour, backwards!

Will you miss this classic Six Flags attraction?

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