Orlando Theme Park Showing Significant Progress on New Roller Coaster

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SeaWorld Orlando aerial view

Credit: SeaWorld

Significant progress continues at this Orlando theme park as its latest roller coaster construction goes vertical.

As theme parks in Orlando continue their constant competition to provide Guests with the best experience while visiting the Parks, a Central Florida Park is now flaunting the results of accelerated construction progress on its upcoming roller coaster.

SeaWorld Ice Breaker
Credit: SeaWorld

Guests visiting SeaWorld Orlando can now have a sneak peek at the Park’s latest project, as the construction of High Surf goes vertical, making the structures of this upcoming stand-up coaster stand out from the construction walls set around the site.

Thanks to images posted by Orlando Sentinel reporter Dewayne Bevil, we can see the light blue steel beams rising from the ground for the highly anticipated roller coaster, which will operate near the front of the Orlando theme park and adjacent to its parking lot, close to the Ports of Call gateway. This strategic location will make High Surf one of the first attractions Guests will see when they arrive at SeaWorld once the attraction opens.

SeaWorld Orlando High Surf construction
Credit: Orlando Sentinel

Theme parks and entertainment digital journalist Ashley Carter (@AshleyLCarter1) recently shared a video of the construction site for the upcoming coaster.

Construction is progressing on SeaWorld Orlando’s new ‘surf’ coaster, which is set to open in 2023.

SeaWorld Orlando’s seventh coaster was officially announced in June. While not much information was released on the stand-up coaster, a rendered video of the experience awaiting Guests made this upcoming project much more attractive. High Sea is scheduled to open in 2023, promising another year for SeaWorld to continue calling itself “The Coaster Capital of Orlando.”

SeaWorld Orlando
Credit: SeaWorld

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