Orlando Theme Park Going International With “Next Generation” Project Opening Soon

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SeaWorld Abu Dhabi concept lobby

Credit: SeaWorld

A popular Orlando theme park is currently working on a “next generation” Park as part of a breathtaking international project.

The massive project is nearing completion, with 90% of the development already accomplished in collaboration with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, bringing the next generation of marine life theme parks to life in Yas Island with the opening of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi concept aerial
Credit: SeaWorld

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The massive theme park will feature six different realms in a unique design, offering immersive experiences as well as dynamic habitats that will home several species of marine life together as they would be in their natural habitat. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will also feature the world’s largest and most expansive marine-life aquarium, housing over 68,000 marine animals of about 150 different species, including sharks, schools of fish, manta rays, and sea turtles.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will also be home to SeaWorld Research and Rescue Abu Dhabi, the first dedicated marine research, rescue, rehabilitation, and return center in the United Arab Emirates, providing world-class facilities to support regional and global conservation efforts. SeaWorld Research and Rescue Abu Dhabi will be located next to the upcoming theme park and is scheduled to open its doors this year.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi concept aquarium
Credit: SeaWorld

Per SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s website:

The SeaWorld Abu Dhabi experience will tell a unified “One Ocean” story based on the interconnectivity between all life on earth and our oceans.

We are connected to the ocean, and the ocean connects all of us

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is being developed in partnership with Miral. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, chairman of the company, stated the following regarding the project, per Arab News:

Abu Dhabi and the UAE has delivered longstanding marine conservation, and SeaWorld Abu Dhabi signifies the start of a new chapter in regional and global marine life knowledge, conservation, and sustainability.

Our partnership with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment to bring this next-generation marine-life theme park to the capital will further help position Abu Dhabi as a global tourism hub and contribute to its economic growth and diversification vision.

SeaWorld Orlando theme park aerial view
Credit: SeaWorld

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the company’s fourth theme park and first international location, will join the already impressive American SeaWorld theme parks in Orlando, Florida, San Diego, California, and San Antonio, Texas. With thrilling attractions for the whole family, amazing shows and entertainment offerings, and first-class facilities in its American theme parks, Guests can only imagine all the breathtaking innovations SeaWorld Abu Dhabi will offer for Guests to enjoy.

Would you like to visit SeaWorld Abu Dhabi once the theme park opens? Let us know in the comments below!

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