SeaWorld Sued Following Tragic Death After Park Injury

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With the sheer amount of people that visit theme parks every year, there’s always the potential for someone, either a Guest or employee, to get hurt. Unfortunately, this was the case in a tragic incident last year, resulting in the death of a Guest who had visited SeaWorld.

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In a report from Florida Politics, SeaWorld is now being sued following a tragic incident that occurred at the Orlando theme park.

According to the report, Hector Martinez Monterrosa was hurt at SeaWorld Orlando on March 27, of last year. The injuries were so severe that they resulted in his death later that same year.

His wife, Wanda Torres, has now filed a lawsuit against the theme park and is seeking more than $30,000 in damages which will be brought to the Orange County Circuit Court.

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Attorneys representing the Torres family provided a detailed account of what happened at the theme park.

“As a disabled person, Hector required the use of a wheelchair to enter the park. Hector’s wife, Wanda Torres, was pushing him along pedestrian pathways near a new entrance as part of SeaWorld’s COVID protocols, when Hector’s wheelchair hit an uneven sidewalk, throwing him off, and he landed on his back and hit his head on the ground,” according to a statement by Morgan & Morgan attorney Brandon M. Smith.

“The paramedics were called and transported Hector to Osceola Regional where he received medical treatment. He was soon discharged but continued to complain about feeling unwell and experienced a loss of appetite. Hector was subsequently readmitted to the hospital, where doctors discovered a subdural hematoma. On April 7, 2021, Hector succumbed to his injuries and passed away.”

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“Hundreds-of-thousands of families visit Orlando theme parks every day just like Hector Monterrosa and his family,” claimed the attorneys. “They budgeted and saved their money so they could enjoy time together at one of their favorite places, SeaWorld. Tragically, due to SeaWorld’s alleged failure to properly maintain their sidewalks, Hector sustained severe injuries that later led to his death. We strongly believe his death could have been prevented and will fight to ensure SeaWorld is held accountable.”

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