Disney to Rename Popular Attraction During Park Revamp

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Mickey and Minnie at Toontown

Credit: Disney

Earlier this year, Disney announced that Mickey’s Toontown would be undergoing a massive renovation, one that would be a complete overhaul of the entire area.

Mickey’s Toontown is a land located at Disneyland Park, which allows Guests to go into Mickey Mouse’s home, Minnie Mouse’s home, Donald and Daisy’s boat, Chip and Dale’s Tree, and Goofy’s house! Guests can also ride Roger Rabbit’s Toontown Spin and check out other fun aspects of the land.

One of the more interesting and obscure attractions in the land is Gadget’s Go Coaster, a ride where Guests “twist and turn on a speedy coaster ride built by the inventor mouse from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.”

Mickey and Minnie at Toontown
Credit: Disney

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However, the ride has remained closed with the rest of Mickey’s Toontown for a while now. We recently learned a lot more about the project thanks to Disney’s ongoing D23 expo. We now know what we can expect when the land finally opens back up again, including a change coming to this specific ride.

Gadget’s Go Coaster will be named Chip & Dale’s Gadget Coaster when Toontown finally reopens, as confirmed in a tweet from David Vaughn.

Gadget’s Go Coaster is inspired by the Disney animated series Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, where Chip, Dale and a team of crime fighters help solve mysteries. The cleverest member of the team is Gadget, a young female mouse and a resourceful inventor who uses found objects like bottle caps, cans, toy blocks and rubber bands—all seen from her mouse-size point of view.

Gadget's Go Coaster A tmickeys Toontown at disneyland
Credit: Disney

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The official description of the ride is as follows:

Go Nuts!

Climb aboard a train made of acorns and get ready for a wild ride! Race around the winding track Gadget Hackwrench crafted using oversized “found objects.” Enjoy panoramic views of Mickey’s Toontown on a whirlwind trip around Toon Lake.

Be on the lookout for a happy green frog who likes to spit a stream of water directly over your head!

How Many Can Sit Together?
Each hollowed-out “acorn” seat fits 2 passengers and is designed for 1 adult and 1 child.

Be sure to check back here for more information on Disney’s D23!

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