Bob Chapek Details Plan to Track Guests Through Disney Parks, Disney+ In Leaked Investor Call

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Bob Chapek with Mickey and Minnie

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Despite an upcoming December price hike, The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek feels Disney+ is still too cheap for what it offers. And according to a leaked call with shareholders, Mr. Chapek plans to offer more.

Bob Chapek
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Theme Park journalist Scott Gustin shared a clip from the call, which is just over a minute long:

Disney CEO Bob Chapek talking about how your Disney+ viewing habits could soon impact your experience at the theme parks:

In the clip, Chapek said The Walt Disney Company aims for a “universal Guest experience.” He argued that they want to recognize all the information they get from a Guest who spends 24 hours a day for seven days at the Disney Parks and connect it to the information they get from the same Guest’s Disney+ viewing history.

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bob chapek
Credit: Screenshot via Annual Shareholders Meeting

“We can now customize and personalize an experience way beyond anything we’ve ever been able to do before, bringing now the two pieces of The Walt Disney Company into one for one common Guest experience that will give us the competitive advantage,” Chapek explained. “Because who else has got the physical piece, physical data that you get on somebody if they spent seven days with you and they essentially live with you for a week?”

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Chapek said that he hopes Guests’ Disney+ viewing habits will impact their experience at the Disney Parks and vice versa. The way Guests spend their time at the Disney Parks will affect what Disney+ recommends to them, rather than recommendations based on what other people have enjoyed.

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“We’ll do it specifically on what you did during your seven days and vice versa,” Chapek explained. “What you watch on Disney+ then will have an impact on your Guest experience at the Parks. And I think that’s going to put us in a tremendous position of competitive advantage.”

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