Disneyland Cast Member Fired After Calling Out Influencer For Rude Behavior

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Left: Theme Park Mom's apology video - a screenshot of her talking at the camera. Middle: A side shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, with purple flowers in front. Right: A screenshot of the Cast Member speaking into the camera, from the video where she called out Theme Park Mom.

There’s been a disheartening development to a story we shared earlier this month. A Downtown Disney Cast Member who bravely spoke out about a so-called Disneyland Influencer’s rude behavior towards Disney Parks employees has been fired.

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In a now-deleted response to TikToker Kel (@ThemeParkMom), Disneyland Resort Cast Member Ary said she met Theme Park Mom while working at Starbucks in Downtown Disney.

starbucks downtown disney exterior
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“We were super, super busy. Our mobile orders were backed up. Our cafe was backed up because we just had a limited staff of people there,” Ary explained.

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According to Ary, Kel had a mobile order and asked about it. Ary told Kel it would be a couple of minutes because they were busy. As Ary was organizing other drinks, Kel allegedly asked, “Is someone even working on it?” in “a rude tone.”

mickey and minnie with sleeping beauty castle disneyland
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“It honestly just kind of p*ssed me off because, you know, her whole platform is Disney and being kind and all that,” Ary said.

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Ary initially commented on Kel’s video that she had been “mean” but spoke out further after Kel blocked her. Kel claims that she unblocked her to apologize, writing:

“I’m really sorry I was rude to you, definitely not my intention and I just wanted to make sure my drink mobile order had come in.”

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In another comment, Kel said she had waited ten minutes for her drink and wanted to know where it was. She later issued what many said was a passive-aggressive video apology, which she has since deleted.

“This makes me all very sad,” she said in the video. “Not just because, as everyone’s saying in my comments sections because I’m getting called out for it, but because genuinely, I really love Disney, and I know how hard the people that work there work.”

disneyland cast member with sleeping beauty castle
Credit: Disney

About blocking Ary, Kel said the comments on her videos made her “really upset,” but she later unblocked the Cast Member to issue an apology:

“I feel terrible. So I blocked her. I unblocked her to apologize, and I’m apologizing here. So I hope you accept my apology. I am very sorry that I was rude to you.”

This week, Shawn Rosell (@shawninorlando) shared the harrowing update to the story on TikTok:


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“I know nobody’s asking, but just to kind of get you up to speed, they fired that Cast Member who actually has spoke up about this Influencer,” Rosell said.

Some commenters and Cast Members alleged that Kel reported Ary to Disney Guest Services and management, though neither party has confirmed these allegations.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Christmas
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Disney Parks fans were devastated to hear that Ary had been fired. “Didn’t want this to be the ending to the story 😔 I hope the CM is doing alright. She didn’t deserve this at all,” @eat.sleep.positivity wrote.

“Can’t believe Disney is choosing the abuser over the abused…that cast member shouldn’t have gotten fired,” @thedisneycentralhub said.

disneyland sleeping beauty castle
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Over 1,000 people liked a comment from @disneylandshowsmama arguing that Kel should be banned from Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. “No one should ever let her forget about what happened,” they wrote.

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Kel seems to have moved on from the situation, though she has limited comments on all recent videos. She recently posted a video saying she is at a point in her life where she “will not argue” with anyone, though she didn’t directly tie that to the situation with Ary:


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Please be kind to all Cast Members when visiting Disneyland Resort or any Disney Park.

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest and Cast Member experience. No two experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Parks operations.


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