Magic Kingdom Starbucks to Undergo Construction

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Main Street Bakery

Credit: Main Street Bakery

A new construction permit was filed for the Main Street Bakery, which is the Starbucks location inside of Magic Kingdom. The permit is for general construction so we will just have to wait and see what kind of updates are coming to our favorite coffee spot on Mainstreet USA!

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main street bakery
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The contractor hired for this particular job is listed as Slalom Construction Services INC. located out of Winter Garden FL.

This also means both the Magic Kingdom Starbucks and the EPCOT Starbucks will be undergoing construction at the same time. However, for the Main Street Bakery location, there is no indication that the construction will impact daily operations yet. We have reported on the ongoing construction on the EPCOT Starbucks and even shared some pictures of the construction site which you can check out here.

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Starbucks at Disney World

Since Starbucks has opened locations in all four of the Walt Disney World Resort parks fans have praised the unique individuality of each store. Each of the four Starbucks locations in the theme parks is themed to fit the each park’s aesthetic and no other Starbucks locations in the world look like the ones found in Disney World parks. Take this photo of the Starbucks in Animal Kingdom, aptly named Creature Comforts as an example of the amazing aesthetics of the Disney Starbucks.

animal kingdom starbucks
credit: Disney

We cannot wait to see the EPCOT Starbucks location when it opens as we are sure it will live up to the reputation of the other stores. We will continue to monitor and keep you updated on the progress of the construction of the Main Street Bakery, as well as all of the projects that are ongoing around the Walt Disney World Resort. So Stay tuned for more information in this project and many more!

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