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Left: Theme Park Mom's apology video - a screenshot of her talking at the camera. Middle: A side shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, with purple flowers in front. Right: A screenshot of the Cast Member speaking into the camera, from the video where she called out Theme Park Mom.


  1. Walt

    Good, serves her right for making Tik Tok’s on company time.

    1. Dum

      You mean off company time in her own home?!

    2. Aaron

      Uh that wasn’t on company time, bozo

  2. Kit

    Your article is messed up in the formatting for a phone, the second half of it is completely illegible. Looks like a sentence on top of another sentence.

    1. Queen

      It’s messed up on desktop PC as well.

  3. Queen

    Please fix your formatting so we can read the entire article.

    1. Elizabeth

      I find nothing wrong with the cast member pointing out that the influencer does not practice what she preaches. Being rude is not acceptable to a cast member. The “Influencer” or anyone in general should treat others the way they would want to be treated.

      1. David M

        very well put!

  4. Dan S

    We are only getting one side of the story here.

    I’d like to hear the guests side of the story, I’m betting it wasn’t nearly as bad as the Cast Member made it out to be. I’ve been receiving some really bad service from some Cast Members lately and I’m betting this has been completely blown out of proportion.

    Keep in mind there are two sides of every story people.

    1. Anderson

      exactly. where did the employee confirm she was fired? she only said that she got a call from corporate. a bunch of outsiders picked up on that and ran with “she got fired” but did she??

    2. CheeseInFL

      Right. I mean ever since implementing the 5th key, Disney has become a glorified Carnival. The service level is at an all time low!

  5. DznyFan

    Please fix the formatting and re-post so we can read the entire article. I’ve seen this several times. Does anyone proof read before posting?

  6. Josh Cass

    Let me get this straight an guest was rude to you so you made a tik tok video that was so rude it was taken down and you lost your job over it?

    I’m beginning to wonder who the real rude person here is.

  7. Anita

    Looks like ThemeParkMom empowers herself through her role as an Influencer. Her attitude and tone isn’t positive, it’s haughty! While social media provides a platform for people to connect or in this case enlarge ego needs, I don’t think the cast member should have been fired! Walt Disney wouldn’t have been impressed with themeparkmom. I agree with the cast member. I can imagine TikTok mom was loud and obnoxious, calling attention to herself in a negative way. She needs a Disney Princess attitude adjustment. Or maybe she’s embracing a Villainess role?

    1. KING

      I completely agree.

      1. Sjc

        Yeah, me too

    2. Sen

      So agree.. influencer👎🏼

  8. RM

    Maybe Chapek should run a company that believes in its employees first. Being a retired employee of a major airline, our CEO always believed in his employees before customers. Gave them a chance to explain first. Innocent before guilty, which isn’t the ways of Disney anymore, or the world. Companies are so scared of public flogging that employees are fired before an explanation. It’s a shame. Maybe Chapek should take a gamble on his employees first, instead of his company as in recent articles. Maybe he should leave until he learns to run a company.

    1. Sang

      What does Chapek have to do with this? The girl was a Starbucks employee…not Disney Cast Member

      1. Joe

        Not necessarily, it depends on the Starbucks.

        “Starbucks on Monday opens an outside-the-box coffee shop at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim’s Downtown Disney … Although a handful of Starbucks licensed stores already exist inside Disney theme parks, those are operated by Disney. This is the first company-owned Starbucks store on a Disney property”

        The article itself is a bit confusing because it does talk about the Starbucks in Downtown Disney being the location but it also calls the worker a Disneyland cast member specifically

      2. Aaron

        She is if it was on Disney property

    2. David M

      As Chapek (paychek) says, charge more and weed out the locals who move to Florida to enjoy the parks.
      Set the prices high and see what the market will bear, even though Disney parks enjoyed a great quarter.
      Use the excuse that people from other states can come and enjoy the parks. (WHAT) with hotel prices HIGH and impossible to get a good schedule for rides with Disney Lighning Lane and +. Mr Bob needs to get a clue.
      I was one of those visiting the park this year, 10 days = 8k for the vacation, and the crowds were the worse I have seen in my 50yrs of Disney Park adventures.
      Maybe get a new CEO, with vision and the stock price may come back up. Also maybe the real Disney Magic will return. Stop building so many Hotels and get back the family experience. (Keep out the Guests who fight in the parks)

  9. Another example of how Disney has really lost its site in turns of numerous avenues — the public has lost it trust in Disney due to various positions it has taken yet, when items such as this occur, there may be another side to the story but what this particular story provides is that an individual, probably making barely enough a living in todays inflationary times, makes a post on her own time, in her own setting, yet gets fired for another persons possible “rude & ridiculous” behavior yet– who gets punished- the person in her own setting on her own time — little much isnt it? Disney had better get a grip on what is important and what isnt, what is right, wrong or indifferent….There is a reason for consistent lower levels of stock prices, crowds and money spent at Disney. It could be a coincidence but I dont think so – Disney will always be busy during holidays and summer but eventually that consistency will drop as well as those same crowds and demographics get older with more importance on other things for them and their families. Yet the incoming groups of new customers wont be able to afford OR have heard so much negativity that they wont want to spend their hard earned money there or just simply cant — Disney has tough times ahead…I guess time will tell and their leadership will be judged by the losses or the pluses in revenue…thats the bottom line.

    1. Emma

      There’s always another side to every story. And Chapek didn’t fire her, her manager did. In California labor laws are very employee friendly, meaning if she was a dependable employee and her job performance was adequate or better there are plenty of law firms in SoCal who will take her case if this was her first instance. Just speculating here, but most likely it wasn’t and the manager built a file and had just cause or they wouldn’t risk the consequences of terminating her without cause. Just one exchange with a rude customer is not enough to get fired. But if it’s on Tik Toc it must be true 🙂

    2. Sang

      Starbucks…not Disney

      1. Jayne1955

        There are Starbucks in Disney.

        1. Sang

          They are an operating participant…not a Disney cast member. This is in Downtown disney…not the one in the park. Therefore, a Starbucks employee.

  10. Linda L. Camacho

    If you see that staff are working as fast as possible, please be patient. Remember that everyone else is waiting too.

  11. Susie Goodin

    I don’t believe the cast member should have been fired. The people (?) that only think of themselves are ruining the magic. I think Walt wouldn’t have put up with this. What gives these (idiots) the right to ruin the magic for the first timers and all the kids.

  12. Sally Mendenhall

    She isn’t a cast member, she is a Starbucks employee. Disney doesn’t own Starbucks (yet).

  13. Rob

    You’re a loser if you listen to strangers. Go outside and experience life losers.

    1. I need more pants

      I poop my pants every day

    2. Lol

      Yes Master. …will you be here tomorrow as well??

  14. KING

    That so-called influencer is just a wannabe famous ah. She’s unaware how hard it can be for the staff to serve people during rush hour especially with limited resources.
    Hypocrite on full level.


    BAN THE so-called influencer! POS!

    Give the Cast Member a BONUS for calling a spade a spade!

  16. Jayne1955

    Throw out all the influencers. They are a boil on the butt of humanity.

    1. DisneyFan


  17. “Influencer?” I believe the correct term is “product Prostitute.” They will sell anything..for a price.

  18. Anderson

    Can you repost the article as a whole? Did the Starbucks employee confirm she was fired or just allude to it in her post that corporate was called and she was contacted? I haven’t seen anywhere where she said she was fired just a bunch of different TikToks from outsiders claiming she was …

  19. frank

    This post is a trainwreck. I can’t see any embedded videos and there is supposed to be a reaction at the end but it looks like the author forgot to include it. ITM needs to hire a copy editor or two when pumping out articles so that we can at least try to understand them.

  20. Moon

    @ThemeParkMom couldn’t take the heat and thrned off her comments. Tell me you can’t dish it out and whimp out when others throw it right back.😂😂😂😂

  21. PJ

    First world problems… what a POS

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