Viral Tweet Describes Disneyland as “Insane Gauntlet”

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Disney Characters at Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort in California

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If you’ve visited Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure in the last few years, you know it takes a lot more planning than it used to. Between Genie+, Individual Lightning Lanes, and the Park Reservation system, many Guests say they miss the days of spontaneity at the Disney Parks. 

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Though avid Disney Parks fans are up to date on the latest Disney news, changing COVID-19 guidance and Park Pass reservations have made Disneyland a confusing place for the casual Park goer. In a viral Tweet, Izzy (@IzzzyzzzArt) described their impression of Disneyland Resort:

Disneyland confuses me bc I always just thought they were regular theme parks but everything I see about them seems to indicate they’re like an insane gauntlet that you have to plan 5 years in advance and run advanced mathematical calculations to maximise ride time

Izzy followed up with two more Tweets, explaining that they went to Disneyland Paris and had a good time but was unsure if the American Parks were more confusing in general or due to COVID-19:

Like good on the people who make tutorials on how to have the best time at Disney on YouTube or tiktok but like… is it a good sign for your park when people are making tutorials about that

I went to the one in France like 5 years ago and had a good time, so idk if this is like a recent 2020’s thing or an American thing

The Tweets received over 60,000 likes combined and even more Retweets and replies. @SourceLocator said that they’ve never been to a Disney Park but had trouble understanding the hype:

I’ve only ever heard good things about Disney World but to me it all sounds like “For $8000, you can spend a week waiting in lines 25 hours a day to spend 2 minutes on a rollercoaster (if you get there at 8am)”

Izzy agreed, saying that even “short” wait times touted by Disney Influencers seem far too long for them to enjoy a Disneyland Resort vacation:

YEAH some of the Disney influencers I’ve seen are like ‘the wait time was only 45 minutes on this one so not that bad!!’ I guess they’re like desensitised to queue times but to me that sounds crazy
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@AnxiousPenman said they went on a group trip to Walt Disney World Resort years ago, and it was so stressful that it hurt his friendships:

I went to Disney World about 14 years ago. The insane amount of planning that went into it was the most stressful sh*t I’ve ever been involved in in my life. I’ve planned festivals that weren’t as stressful as planning that trip.

One of the people I went with was my best friend prior to that trip. Afterwards we didn’t talk again for over a year and I’ve seen him maybe 6 or 7 times since then.

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If you’re unsure where to start with your Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resort vacation, check out our planning guides and Disney Genie guide. 

Do you think Disney vacations are too confusing? 

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