Here’s What to Expect From Universal’s Newly-Refurbished Ride

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Revenge of the Mummy Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal

If you have kept up with the Universal Resort in Orlando, you will, unfortunately, know that Revenge of the Mummy has been closed for an extensive refurbishment since January. Universal has given no word on when the ride will officially return.

Revenge of the Mummy Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal

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Since the attraction’s closure, Universal Orlando Resort fans have speculated on what changes might occur during the refurbishment. Nothing has been confirmed regarding the refurbishment, but rumors have swirled for several months now, with some even speculating that the entire attraction could be receiving changes and updates.

Recently, we reported that a reopening date might have been leaked by Universal Team Members, with guests claiming they were told the ride would return on August 2. This date came and went, however, with no official word on when the ride will reopen still. However, the ride did return earlier today for “technical rehearsals.”

Revenge of the Mummy Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal

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If you were wondering what exactly has been changed, well, that’s still under wraps too. But, we recently were clued in on what to expect from the recently-upgraded attraction, and you can see this in a tweet down below from Orlando Informer (@OrlandoInformer):

Here’s what guests can expect from the newly reopened Revenge of the Mummy:  Enhanced visuals  Refreshed effects  The one and only Brendan Fraser – sans one cup of coffee

So there you have it. While vague, it’s exciting to know that we can expect better visuals as well as improved effects. The attraction was notorious for all of its elements, especially the segments with the fire. Even without all of the effects, the coaster is still fun and thrilling, but we can’t wait to hop on the attraction once it finally returns.

More information came out thanks to a tweet from Amusement Insider (@AmusementInside):

Mummy has quite a few small changes during ride that seasoned riders will notice, some good, some bad imo, most notably much slower dispatch timings. Capacity is lower for right now.

Universal’s official description of Revenge of the Mummy reads:

Plunge High Speed into Total Darkness.

Digging your nails into the safety rail, you’ll hold on tight as you rush forwards and back on the track, fleeing from the evil Mummy Imhotep. Just as it seems you might’ve escaped, you’ll plunge straight down into a pitch-black abyss with no end in sight. Will you ever see daylight again? Or will you remain sealed inside this tomb forever?

Stay tuned for more updates on this ride!

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