Tigger Knees Elderly Guest’s Chest, Sends Her to The Hospital

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The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things… but one elderly Walt Disney World Resort Guest might disagree!

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Nate (@millennial_dude) is a former entertainment Cast Member that portrayed Tigger at Magic Kingdom. He shared a story from his first day at Walt Disney World Resort on TikTok:


Replying to @sidneyroo I tried to make as best I could. GRANDMA DID say “it wasn’t TIGGERS fault.” I think thats how TIGGER didn’t get in trouble. media was there questioning, big wigs and police. Scary time but I’ll never forget it! LOL sorry for the bad video.

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Nate says he was “friends with” Tigger to follow Walt Disney World Resort’s character integrity policy – for example, a Cast Member might not say they played Mickey Mouse, but that they were “friends” or “hanging out” with Mickey Mouse! He refers to Tigger in the third person throughout the video.

Tigger in a Christmas fantasy parade at disneyland
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His first day with Tigger was amazing at first, Nate says. He left backstage and bounced through Fantasyland to his meet-and-greet location by The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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“He wasn’t looking. He kneed a grandma to the chest during a full skip. I mean, spartan knee to the chest, big kick,” Nate explains. “She went down, and he was on top of her. Tigger was staring at Grandma. Grandma was staring at Tigger. They were going back and forth, freaking out.”

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A Walt Disney World Resort Security Cast Member told Nate to continue with his meet-and-greet set, which he did while “freaking out the whole time.”

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“He had to go back to the office, saw the ambulance take her away, and then when he was in there, get interrogated by everyone,” Nate says. “He got interrogated by security, corporate, and managers.”

winnie the pooh
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In the caption, Nate explains that the older woman told Cast Members she knew it wasn’t Tigger’s fault and that he had made a mistake:

“I think that’s how TIGGER didn’t get in trouble. media was there questioning, big wigs and police. Scary time but I’ll never forget it!”

Have you ever experienced a character interaction gone wrong at the Disney Parks? 

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